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10/20/2020 by Alice

I got them as gifts for my husband and one of my sons. Both LOVE them. Cozy, soft insoles with arch support. Absolutely worth it!



7/14/2020 by Lisa

Well the weather is not here yet but these inner soles are so nice and comfortable


Love these

11/2/2019 by Laura

Nice and comfy to slide in my boots for winter.
Make sure your shoes are big enough to use them as they are fairly thick.


My Honey Soles Sheepskin Insoles are soft, warm and supportive!

3/20/2019 by Susan

My Honey Soles Sheepskin Insoles are soft, warm and supportive to my not so supportive Boots. I’m very happy with them and highly recommend.



2/9/2019 by Lisa

I have an old pair of Birkenstock clogs (polyurethane) that needed a bit of TLC. While shopping for a different item, this product caught my eye. I highly recommend.


Honey Soles

2/5/2019 by Fae

Really love these!! I had a pair boots that were a little bit big and flat. I put on socks but still different feel right. I inserted these soles a they fit perfectly. Plus they kept my feet nice and toasty during the cool evening.


Warm Feet!

1/26/2019 by Juliann

My Bear Soles fit perfectly inside some slightly large boat shoes, instantly converting them into comfortable winter footwear. I plan to order more!



1/15/2019 by Kristine

Easy to use gives good support. I love them


So warm and comfy!

1/13/2019 by Nikki

Was looking for new inserts for my UGG brand boots and hadn't found anything I was satisfied with until now! These are amazing. I never wear socks with my UGGS because they're generally just warm enough and now with my Honey Soles they're even more amazing! Thank you for producing a quality product. I'll probably order another pair just to have a back set just in case



1/13/2019 by Debbie

Nice item. They are wonderful in my boots that I love and wear often. Because they make my feet feel like they are in brand new boots. Love they also nice and warm, along with being comfortable. Great deal as price goes. Other plain insoles cost more with out the cozy warmth these have.

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The Honey Soles Story

Honey Soles | Natural Cork & Sheepskin Insoles

A Step Forward

Honey Soles Maker and avid boat-shoe wearer Brad Sunness loved the feeling of going sockless, but not the side effects. Achy feet and not-so-fresh shoes lead him to try many types of insoles and other solutions, but nothing gave him the foot-friendly results he was looking for.

After researching different materials and prototyping several designs, Brad honed in on cork for its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. He paired the moisture-wicking material with a layer of recycled rubber foam for better shock absorption and he gave the insoles a contoured design that offers arch
support and increased heel stability.

Brad got great feedback from folks who felt like the insoles were custom made for their feet. Requests for a cold weather version soon followed. He created Bear Soles that have all the benefits of Honey Soles with an added layer of plush Australian sheepskin. Either way you go, Brad’s insoles will help keep feet happy with every step.
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