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How did I live without this

11/1/2019 by Kathleen

I keep it in my desk drawer at work and it has saved me multiple times. The way it slips on makes it secure, it can’t fall off or slip over the eyes. Covers all my hair. I love it!


Use every time it rains

7/6/2019 by Annette

Comes in handy


Exactly What I Needed

4/29/2019 by Madeline

I needed a hood as there was going to be rain at my destination. I didn't want to buy a whole new coat just for a few days of rain. It was a godsend that Grommet had the Hood to Go. I got it in the nick of time, and it packed very easily. So great to just be able to walk around with it in my pocket, and then whip it on when I needed it. Great quality, and washes well. The hood was a little large, but I didn't mind. Also, it provided a layer of warmth for me.



7/30/2018 by J.

Used it once so far. Comfortable, light, and did the job.



1/2/2018 by Cindy

My aunt loved this Hood To Go! She sometimes delivers flowers at the florist she works at part-time and now she will not be left out in the rain.


Love It!

11/18/2017 by Karen

This is a great item I love that I can switch it from jacket to jacket and carry in my bag so I always have it ready LOL


Perfect solution when sneaks up on you

10/4/2017 by Sonya

I was very pleased at the quality of this product. It's made well and fits on my head snugly and covers it well. I love the fact you can just stash it in a purse. And it really doesn't interfere with whatever you're wearing, especially if it's a lightweight jacket.

Such a great, simple idea.


Great travel gear

5/5/2017 by Krista

I am headed to Europe this summer with just a backpack. This is a great way to pack light but still be ready for unexpected showers. It is easy to put on and will pack up well. I love this product.


Innovative hood saves money

5/4/2017 by Lora

Wore the hood with my fav jacket and it's wonderful! It protected me from the rain. I didn't have to buy a raincoat. What a clever idea.



1/14/2016 by Maryellen

I bought this for my best friend who has thick curly hair, and walks almost a mile to work every day. Here in Hawaii, it rains often in the afternoon, and she hated to get her hair wet because it ruined a style that takes a lot of time to straighten. And an umbrella just didn't really offer enough protection from the rain and humidity. But with this hood, she can cover her hair well, and not look silly as she walks home. Also, because it is warm here nearly every day, she loves the vest style which is comfortable over a t-shirt without having to wear a too-warm hoodie or rain coat. Great product!

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The Hood To Go Story

Hood To Go - Portable Rain Hood

Take cover

Rain happens, but that’s no reason to get yourself in a frizzy tizzy. Just put on your Hood To Go and brave the elements without compromising your plans. This water-resistant rain hood is attached to a small, lightweight vest designed to fit under any jacket to protect you from passing showers. It's as good for your commute as it is for your outdoor exercise routine.

No need to tote an umbrella or wear bulky rain gear just because the sky looks gray. Simply stow this modern day rain bonnet in your pocket or purse and you’ll be ready for Mother Nature’s unpredictability on a moment’s notice.

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Hood To Go founder, Susan Hammel, was no stranger to unexpected changes in the weather. If she had worn a raincoat every time the forecast called for a chance of showers, her mood would have been as gloomy as the weather. Now when it starts to sprinkle, Susan reaches for her Hood To Go and her hair (not to mention her outfit) is no worse for the wear.
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