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Portable Rain Hood Sample

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good idea

3/5/2015 by Jill

Now I won't always have to buy a winter and spring coat with a hood. Great idea!


Problem solver!

2/5/2015 by Cynthia

This is great! I no longer have to carry a cumbersome umbrella along with my handbag and tote. I used it just today in a snowstorm - it works beautifully!



12/14/2014 by Pat

this is a brilliant idea. The fabric is luxurious and comfortable under a jacket. Water rolls right off.


Wonderful Invention

12/2/2014 by Cheryl

I have a North Face jacket that I love but it doesn't have a hood. That has been a problem when it rains or snows. I was browsing on Grommet and saw the hood. I had to have it. Last week was the first time I used it and it works great. Easy to put on comfortable to wear. I put it on , zipped up the jacket and added a scarf to help hold the hood on and keep my neck warm. The only thing that would make it better is if it had a snap of Velcro to hold it closed!. Thank you it is a good thing to have and easy to carry with you.



11/19/2014 by Joli

Excellent, great buy. Thanks!
Keep the great ideas coming.


Just what I needed

11/2/2014 by Anne

I love this. No more hauling an umbrella around NYC when I visit my son. No more need for an umbrella when it's drizzling and I'm walking my long parking lot carrying my phrase and bags into work in the morning. It's a great solution.


I am very impressed, and very relieved.

10/29/2014 by Kate

I am very impressed, and very relieved.
I have various and sundry the jackets and vests that do not have hoods, therefore, I rarely wear them.
Today, when I got the hood, I tried it on with one of the jackets – it was absolutely perfect. Since the jacket was black, it was even more so. If and when it is appropriate, could other colors, like navy blue or gray,be added?


Thank Goodness!

10/8/2014 by Kyle

I have needed something like this for years. When I saw that it was restocked, I ordered right away. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this hood. The little storage bag is well made too. (Do wish it had a snap though.) Most of my jackets and coats are black and the hood looks like it was made with them. To me, this is better than an umbrella any day. Air/wind/snow can still swirl under the umbrella. To not flatten your hair when using the hood, just hold the front edge up a bit.


Love it!!

8/14/2014 by Susan

Fantastic!! Bought one for myself and 2 as gifts. Very pleased with the quality.


Love my Hood!

6/9/2014 by Joan

I love my Hood To Go!! I was actually looking for something exactly like this because I don't like my hair getting wet but sometimes a jacket is too hot to wear. It is lightweight so it is easy to stash in my purse on a rainy day. Thanks for the invention:)

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The Hood To Go Story

Hood To Go - Portable Rain Hood

Take cover

Rain happens, but that’s no reason to get yourself in a frizzy tizzy. Just put on your Hood To Go and brave the elements without compromising your plans. This water-resistant rain hood is attached to a small, lightweight vest designed to fit under any jacket to protect you from passing showers. It's as good for your commute as it is for your outdoor exercise routine.

No need to tote an umbrella or wear bulky rain gear just because the sky looks gray. Simply stow this modern day rain bonnet in your pocket or purse and you’ll be ready for Mother Nature’s unpredictability on a moment’s notice.

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Hood To Go founder, Susan Hammel, was no stranger to unexpected changes in the weather. If she had worn a raincoat every time the forecast called for a chance of showers, her mood would have been as gloomy as the weather. Now when it starts to sprinkle, Susan reaches for her Hood To Go and her hair (not to mention her outfit) is no worse for the wear.
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