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Collapsible Water Bottle Case of 6

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Reviews (4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Hope you're not thirsty!

10/19/2018 by Kirk

this item is durable, but its capacity would not be sufficient for a hard workout or Anything more than a short hike.


It can work. Certainly robust.

5/19/2018 by Peg

Hard to deploy & you can not collapse it as you drain. Chunky & clunky.

Will probably do the job.


cute, but ...

8/11/2017 by Wendie

I thought this would be bigger -- it's less than a liter. Looking inside with the outside light behind it, the folded parts are very thin, which makes me wonder how many times it will take being folded before it tears, or how durable it will be in any milieu more challenging than sitting on a desk or next to a yoga mat. Its little handle is too small to use to hang it, too narrow for a carabiner, and the base doesn't fit in the cup holder in the car. Probably OK for airline travel, lid fits snugly and doesn't leak. So ... cute, but I think you can find something better for regular use.


Good water bottle, but ...

5/7/2017 by Janet

While this water bottle is great because it collapses to save space, it does not fit into a standard water bottle slot on a back pack, due to the width in the middle.



5/4/2017 by Susan

This is kind of awkward and bulky. It does fold flat, so I like to keep it for a spare, but it is kind of difficult to open and close


I really wanted to like this

3/13/2017 by Janet

I thought - collapsible. Great, it would hang on my backpack until I needed it. That part was fine. After figuring out how to get it all the way open (the bottom "ring" didn't open as easily as the rest), I filled it and discovered that the bottle stays pretty squeezable along most of its length. And that means if the flip-up nozzle is open, you or the floor gets showered if you grab it in the wrong place. I learned to handle it only by the hard center section. I also could not find a position for the nozzle (fully open, nearly open, etc) that would eliminate the noise that air made trying to get into the bottle as I drank. So, as much as I wanted to like this bottle, I am donating it.


Ok and convenient

12/16/2016 by Sandra

I have several reusable bottles as I use all the time. I did have a little difficulty at first with opening and must rember to open the cap before closing. As someone else said, this is unequivocally NOT 21oz. Definitely holds 16oz...maybe up to 18oz. But for sure not 20/21oz. I actually poured from one of my 20oz bottles and it fell short. Also it doesn't keep as cold as I had hoped. Best part about this cup is that it is easy to carry, anywhere.


Unique...wouldn't do again

10/7/2016 by Bonnie

Love the concept and convenience. One issue that diminishes the delight I have with the product is that it "sweats profusely", making it quite a messy proposition.



9/29/2016 by Joyce

Wish it was a little larger. Unless you hold it by the handle, it seems to collapse. I would say it is okay but not my favorite.



8/4/2016 by Scott

cost to much

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The Hydaway Story

Did this water bottle get run over?

Refreshing Design

Buying bottled water is bad for the environment and your wallet, but it’s convenient because you don’t have to carry around a bulky, empty bottle when you’re done. Hydaway is a reusable, collapsible water bottle with the same convenience. Fold it up when you’re not using it. It’s compact enough to forget about.

Founder Niki Singlaub wanted a water bottle that he could put in his back pocket, but couldn’t find one. With over 20 years in product design and development, he made his own.

Made of flexible, durable silicone that won’t interfere with water’s taste, Hydaway collapses like an accordion
to just over an inch high. Put it in your purse or jacket pocket or clip it to a backpack with the carry handle. It’s leak-proof, dishwasher safe, and the narrow base lets it fit in most cup holders.

Drink from the nozzle or unscrew the top and use it like a cup. Hydaway is great for kids and travelers, but it’s convenient anywhere—at work, the beach, or even mountain climbing.

Stay hydrated without having to lug an unwieldy, empty bottle.
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