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Collapsible Water Bottle Case of 6

Reviews (4 out of 5 Grommets)

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My water tastes like plastic

3/2/2019 by Cheryl

Product is unusable! Don’t waste your money. After using it for about 15 minutes my water tasted like plastic and the bottle had a strong plastic smell inside. I rinsed it many times but couldn’t get rid of the smell and taste. Disgusting.


Not for me

1/1/2018 by Laura

Maybe I'm too accustomed to a water bottle, but I am not in the habit of needing to stow the cup so this is not the product for me that I had hoped. Additionally, it needs to be held around the large ring which is uncomfortably large for my medium to large woman's hand. That means I tend to hold it by the upper part which is inclined to collapse, squirting water out of the spout. Because I find the spout difficult to open, I usually leave it open so any tipping also results in a spill. I have the smaller model so it does not fit well in car cupholders causing other possible spills. And lastly, I find the cap does not go on without some conscious lining up up of ridges that lock it on. Thus if I am hurried or distracted, it goes on crooked making for more leaks. If I continue to use it, I will have to find some way to clean inside the spout which is one of the problems with the water bottle I had hoped to replace.


It leaked every time I filled it with water.

12/5/2017 by Sherrie

I was excited about this purchase as it would fill a need. But I am very disappointed as it leaks. I have tried it there times. The last I left sitting on a counter for a few minutes. When I returned another puddle of water underneath. I don't know if this is standard or if I have a defective product.


Not for arthritic fingers and hands.

10/3/2017 by Norma

This product was too heavy and difficult to use for painful hands. Were it lighter weight it would be a lot better for me.


Nice but not quite there

9/22/2017 by Gerry

I like the idea of this water bottle. Unfortunately, it started to leak the first time I used it. With a leak it not very useful.


Pretty but....

9/8/2017 by Dorothy

It collapses once you figure out the push pull dynamics. It feels like drinking out of a rubber hose. Has to be squeezed hard, and then not sure when, if, and how much water you will get. It also is a little heavier then comfortable. Not recommended.



5/17/2017 by karen

It's nice wish it was larger...I'll use my bigger water bottle..


water bottle

1/13/2017 by Pat

It's too difficult to expand the bottle to full size
Someone with stronger hands might like it better.


Was so hopeful for this Item to work....

4/17/2016 by Kim

unfortunately it tore on the second try of usage. ) :

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The Hydaway Story

Did this water bottle get run over?

Refreshing Design

Buying bottled water is bad for the environment and your wallet, but it’s convenient because you don’t have to carry around a bulky, empty bottle when you’re done. Hydaway is a reusable, collapsible water bottle with the same convenience. Fold it up when you’re not using it. It’s compact enough to forget about.

Founder Niki Singlaub wanted a water bottle that he could put in his back pocket, but couldn’t find one. With over 20 years in product design and development, he made his own.

Made of flexible, durable silicone that won’t interfere with water’s taste, Hydaway collapses like an accordion
to just over an inch high. Put it in your purse or jacket pocket or clip it to a backpack with the carry handle. It’s leak-proof, dishwasher safe, and the narrow base lets it fit in most cup holders.

Drink from the nozzle or unscrew the top and use it like a cup. Hydaway is great for kids and travelers, but it’s convenient anywhere—at work, the beach, or even mountain climbing.

Stay hydrated without having to lug an unwieldy, empty bottle.
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