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Hygienic by Sanimaid

Antibacterial Silicone Toilet Brush Case of 12

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Reviews (4 out of 5 Grommets)

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2/26/2019 by Rose

You need to scrub harder than with a Clorox wand but it’s not as messy. I wasn’t overly impressed but it does the job


Not as effective

2/20/2019 by Heidi

I like the idea of this brush, but it isn't as effective at cleaning as I would like, I have to go over an area multiple times to clean all of it, and sometimes still go get the old toilet brush to finish cleaning.


The wall hanger is terrible

2/13/2019 by The Hat Lady

I love this, but the hanging unit is 100% useless. My complaint got me nowhere, so don't ask Grommet for help. I now keep the"brush" part of it standing up inside a fancy Italian pot. Very disappointed with Grommet's "help," or total lack thereof. The actual "brush" is more like a scraper or a squee-gee, and does work very well.


Mixed feelings on this one.

2/13/2019 by Janet

I bought 3, one for each bathroom. My family made me return 2 of them. You have to take your time, you can't just swish around like with the normal wand. You have to keep it flat. It works well enough, but the toilet in the bathroom where I kept one was brand new, the new style, so it is actually hard to keep the silicone flat against the inside of the bowl, it is more oval than round. But I use it. It is much easier though, to then run under hot water and put away much cleaner than the normal wands.



2/14/2019 by Rita

Did not maneuver in the toilet bowl easily. Not much scrubbing action. I returned it.

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The Hygienic by Sanimaid Story

Silicone is tackling your most dreaded chore.

Sanitary Silicone

Sanimaid has figured out a way to make toilet brushes more hygienic. Their silicone toilet brush has no bristles, so its flat silicone cleaning head won’t collect, drip, or splatter water. And it reaches under the rim of the bowl with ease.

Unlike traditional brushes, its handle has an antibacterial additive that keeps it 99.9% bacteria-free to minimize the risk of spreading germs around the house. Hygienic by Sanimaid also comes with a minimalist wall mount or floor mount that keeps the brush readily accessible. From its flexible silicone head to its plastic antibacterial handle, Hygienic by
Sanimaid is designed to make this dreaded chore easier—and a whole lot cleaner. Read More Read Less