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Automatic Ball Launcher Sample

Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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Let's play ball!!!!

2/10/2015 by Thorey

We have a 4 year old whippet, Lexi, and she loves, loves, loves the iFetch. We are still learning to place the ball in the 'hopper', however, she knows when the iFetch is going to throw the ball by the sounds it makes. It is not noisy by any means, it makes a little noise and some small clicks. There are 3 different distances and the furthest is perfect for our yard. I have it placed by the front door on a skid proof mat, so it is ready whenever Lexi wants to play, which is everyday, several times a day.


Having a blast!

1/1/2015 by Donna

Simply awesome! I have 4 little Dachshunds chasing balls everywhere...they love it!


A good present!

11/21/2014 by Glenn

Great product and easy to set up! I would highly recommend this especially for active dogs!


Fun for all

11/5/2014 by Claudette

The dogs love the iFetch. One caught on pretty quick and will drop the ball in the tube, the other just brings it back and sets it on the ground. The adjustments for shooting range are pretty good. It goes a good 30 feet or you can shorten the distance. The dogs definitely get a workout in doors, and these are not tiny dogs. When I get the ball out and set up the iFetch, the dogs get all happy...they love it.



10/19/2014 by Robert

I love it when a product proves to be as advertised. The iFetch behaves as hoped, and has captured the devotion of my Yorkie. I hoped for, and received, a well-built unit that is sturdy and should last a long time.

Best part is my little 'fetcher' loves it!

I hesitated purchasing due to the price, but I have it on good authority (that would be 'Lex') that it is well worth the cost!


Great toy!

10/3/2014 by Gayle

This was a gift to my schnorkie niece. She loves it! Only problem is we haven't been able to get her to put the ball in by herself!

I need one now for my 62 lb doodle! She loves it but I'm afraid she will swallow the ball. ;-(


Siamese cat loves it!!!

9/29/2014 by Sheevaun

I am owned by a very clever Siamese cat who loves to play fetch. This is a great toy for her. She has trained me well to fetch the balls and launch them for her. She has, when she felt like it, placed the balls herself. I think she has trained me well.
I recommend this for anyone with a smart (alec) pet. I wouldn't get this for a big dog though. The balls are small enough that they could swallow them easily.


One of the best toys around

9/28/2014 by carolyn

I love it. my dog loves it. We play it every day and it gets him moving with going out side Highly recommend it


Terrific! Sturdy!

9/26/2014 by Elaine

Excellent!! My dog goes nuts for this!! I wish it were made to use regular size tennis balls, so that big dogs could use this, too.


IFetch is a great Find!

9/25/2014 by Cathy

My friend Linda has a Australian terrier that was driving her mad with a game of fetch at night. Doc is a super energy service dog in training. Linda was really tired of throwing the ball for the dog. I bought this toy for her to give to her dog. He hasn't quite got the hang of it yet but they are working on it. Linda's arm is felling a lot better. She called me when it was delivered and they are having a ball.

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The iFetch Story

iFetch - Automatic Ball Launcher

Retrieve & Repeat

Get it. Got it. Good dog. Fido, meet iFetch—an interactive, on demand ball launching toy designed to let your four-legged friend play fetch without you. Whether you’re home or at work, inside or outdoors, iFetch is sure to entertain, exercise, and stimulate small to large, fetch-loving dogs for hours.

Denny and Grant Hamill, the grandfather and grandson team who created iFetch, say the real genius behind their product innovation is the family’s fetch-crazed toy poodle named Prancer. The idea came to Grant while trying to do his homework as Prancer nudged, pawed, and begged him to throw the
ball over and over and over again. If only Prancer could play fetch without him . . .

With iFetch, when you’re ready for a break, Fido can keep on playing to his heart’s content.
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