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Automatic Ball Launcher Sample

Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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4/23/2015 by Tammy

I returned item last week. It worked very well but the balls were to small and both my dogs play outside on patio were there is a pool and the balls get caught in return And small enough to pass threw pipes with is a problem for filter. Please keep me up to date with return process. Thank you. Tammy brandt


Fun but noisy

4/13/2015 by Mari

My dog refuses to get close enough to place the ball in it cause of the noise it makes. He does love chasing it when it is released.



2/14/2015 by Sandra

It is really cool, my dog loves to chase the ball and bring it back, just cannot get him to put the ball in it....yet!!


dangerous for large dogs

2/11/2015 by JIM

Seems like a well made, well priced product but the balls are way to small to use while playing with our Dutch Shepard. Owners of large dogs should be warned that these balls are way too easy for larger dogs to swallow, especially when the dogs are on the run and the balls are airborne. I'd buy another if they made a larger version. Probably fine for mini or small dogs.


Neat item.

1/5/2015 by Matthew

We have two dogs: a small dog who thinks he's big and a big dog who thinks she's small. This works great for the Pomeranian, but I am worried about the Border Collie. She could swallow the small balls. I hope they make one that shoots full-sized tennis balls soon. They will be good for both breeds.


fun for all,

12/28/2014 by Karen

Purchased this as a Christmas gift and canines seemto be in heaven and their parents are laughing a lot! Great gift and a challenge for adults to be teachers again!



12/22/2014 by Pier5

Our pup has us completely trained to drop the ball in the's as much fun for us as it is him.

It is a great item but it is excessively expensive.


Great product - wish ball was bigger

9/30/2014 by Colleen

My 25lb beagle mix loves this toy. We're still in the training phase, but she's making big steps every day. I like having three setting for how far the ball will be thrown - the lowest setting is perfect for my relatively small living room. The high setting will be great for my parents' home when we go to visit. The only thing holding me back from a "5" rating is the size of the balls. My beagle is small for her breed, but can easily fit the whole ball in her mouth and chew on it. Not only does it make the ball a huge slobbery mess, it does make me nervous for her to have no problem chewing the ball like a treat. With a bit of extra training, that habit will be eliminated, but if the balls were bigger, I would have given this item a top rating.



9/25/2014 by Garrett

Definitely made for very small dogs. The balls are slightly larger than ping pong balls, so there may be a choking concern for larger dogs. Works great!


Saves Me An Arm

9/25/2014 by Kurt

My dog used to wear out my arm having me throw balls for her now this amazing little machine does it for me saving my arm a lot of wear and tear. Now if I could just get the little stubborn brat to drop the ball in herself play time would be perfect.

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The iFetch Story

iFetch - Automatic Ball Launcher

Retrieve & Repeat

Get it. Got it. Good dog. Fido, meet iFetch—an interactive, on demand ball launching toy designed to let your four-legged friend play fetch without you. Whether you’re home or at work, inside or outdoors, iFetch is sure to entertain, exercise, and stimulate small to large, fetch-loving dogs for hours.

Denny and Grant Hamill, the grandfather and grandson team who created iFetch, say the real genius behind their product innovation is the family’s fetch-crazed toy poodle named Prancer. The idea came to Grant while trying to do his homework as Prancer nudged, pawed, and begged him to throw the
ball over and over and over again. If only Prancer could play fetch without him . . .

With iFetch, when you’re ready for a break, Fido can keep on playing to his heart’s content.
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