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3-D Building Puzzle Toy Case of 15

Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great creative toy.

12/5/2016 by Phyllis

Adults enjoy this as much as the children.


Fun for all ages

9/7/2016 by Amy

Grown ups, my teenager, age 8 daughter and 4 year old all had hours of fun with these.
One idea for further development - possibly make them out of a material that is a little less brittle so that there is less breakage when it's thrown in it's ball form (and when the ball shape is being pried apart by kid hands :)


Creative toy stimulates ideas

2/17/2016 by L

I purchased IKOS as a gift for for my grandchild to stimulate their creativity.


Challenging toy

10/19/2015 by Pamela

I bought this for my 7 yr. old granddaughter because she's extremely smart and needs the challenge. It wasn't easy for her to get together and took about 45 minutes. She wanted to give up because kids are so used to instant rewards now days but she persevered and was so proud of herself.
As far as making anything else with it I think she's too proud of making the ball shape so she doesn't want to take it apart!



9/20/2015 by Johnny

cool puzzle



9/18/2015 by Howard

Bought two for my grandchildren. They love how easy it is to put together. But they get a kick about taking it apart


Creative play

9/18/2015 by Dawn

Love the colorful pieces. Great for young and old playing together.


my teachers were the one playing not the children.

6/26/2019 by Marivel

hard to push


for Grandsons

2/13/2019 by Marjorie W

Not for younger children. 9 or 10 plus to be able to totally enjoy this item.



1/13/2017 by Delilah

My grandson loved the toy but, after he quickly built the sphere, he followed directions to dissemble it, pressing down on the ball. When he did that, a few small pieces of plastic broke off several of the parts. Kind of disappointing since I thought it was such an innovative and creative toy.

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The IKOS Story

Why are these blocks not block-shaped?

Geometry in Play

IKOS takes kids’ building toys to a whole new creative level. Unlike old building blocks, IKOS is made of interlocking shapes that come together to form a sphere. Kids aren’t limited by straight lines; the fun comes from making endless shapes, starting with a sphere and anything else they can dream up. Then they can take the pieces apart and figure out new ways to reconfigure them.

Whether they’re creating 3-D works of art or inventing games—IKOS bowling, anyone?—IKOS encourages kids to invent, innovate, and create.

The 26-piece set is made in the U.S. of the same eco-friendly, #2 recyclable
material as milk bottles. IKOS is named for its geometry: an icosahedron (a solid, 3-dimensional object with 20 equilateral triangles for sides) transformed into a sphere. Playing with IKOS helps kids learn problem-solving, spatial relations, and STEAM—science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics—skills.

This spherical building system is even more interesting given its creation. Mike Wong went back to his high school to mentor students about starting a company and turning ideas into reality. Their idea was a great one—a combination 3-D puzzle and kids' building toy that offers kids unlimited ways to be creative.
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