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7/5/2016 by Judith

I bought this for my grandsons, ages 7 & , both of whom love to build things. Neither one was able to easily snap pieces together, so my husband built the sphere...even he had to exert lots of pressure to get the finished piece! Then the boys tried to take it apart like the instructions said and could not. The younger one put it on the carpeted floor and gently pushed with his foot...it came apart & one piece broke a flange off.
Perhaps a slightly more pliable material could be used in the making of this toy. I had planned on buying additional sets after they got good with this one, but not now.


Clever, but

12/27/2015 by Claire

Building the sphere was easy at first, but as the opening grew smaller, it became more difficult. We still haven't been able to get the last two pieces into the sphere.

There are extra pieces (more than are needed to make the sphere), so it's fun to create lots of weird objects, but they fall apart easily. It was too difficult for my 4 and 6 yr old grandkids to build anything.


Not too sturdy

12/7/2015 by Constance

Loved the concept. Grandson built a couple of items. Made sphere. Leaned on it to disassemble it as stated in directions. I piece broke. Wouldn't want to use as gift if it breaks that easily. Grandson will continue to play with other pieces.


So, So

12/7/2015 by Kent

Cool concept, but once the sphere was made the toy was sat down. It really didn't hold together for any other shapes.


So so

10/21/2015 by Carol

The concept is good but the pieces are difficult to fit together. Interesting design, options are limited.



7/25/2018 by Brian

Did not really take to this


For slightly older kids

2/15/2016 by Marti

Grandkids are too young to see the various ways to assemble this versatile toy - but I foresee it getting more use in the future.


okay for small kids

9/21/2015 by Laurence

smaller and less challenging I thought it would be. suitable for 4-6 year olds.



12/8/2015 by linda

Extremely NOT appropriate for the 6 and over age level as noted for this item. The manual dexterity required to use this item would be at least 10 yr old child


A waste of money

11/15/2015 by Patricia

I gave this to my 10 year old granddaughter and was very disappointed. She was able to make it into a ball without the last piece. It took the 15 year old to complete it. The pieces fall apart easily. It does not seem possible to make the shape pictured here. The 'legs' do not fit into it going in that direction. I doubt that she will play with it again. It is just too difficult to make anything.

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The IKOS Story

Why are these blocks not block-shaped?

Geometry in Play

IKOS takes kids’ building toys to a whole new creative level. Unlike old building blocks, IKOS is made of interlocking shapes that come together to form a sphere. Kids aren’t limited by straight lines; the fun comes from making endless shapes, starting with a sphere and anything else they can dream up. Then they can take the pieces apart and figure out new ways to reconfigure them.

Whether they’re creating 3-D works of art or inventing games—IKOS bowling, anyone?—IKOS encourages kids to invent, innovate, and create.

The 26-piece set is made in the U.S. of the same eco-friendly, #2 recyclable
material as milk bottles. IKOS is named for its geometry: an icosahedron (a solid, 3-dimensional object with 20 equilateral triangles for sides) transformed into a sphere. Playing with IKOS helps kids learn problem-solving, spatial relations, and STEAM—science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics—skills.

This spherical building system is even more interesting given its creation. Mike Wong went back to his high school to mentor students about starting a company and turning ideas into reality. Their idea was a great one—a combination 3-D puzzle and kids' building toy that offers kids unlimited ways to be creative.
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