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Can't adjust the color

1/28/2018 by Beverly

It's OK but you can't make it stay on one preferred color and it just keeps changing colors which is distracting. I bought 3 and it is the same on all of them. Would not buy again.


Bought 2, one malfunctioned after a couple days

8/23/2017 by Daniel

When it works, the IllumiBowl is terrific - does just what it's marketed to do! But since one of 2 that I bought malfunctioned I'm not sure if the did was the outlier or the one that has worked. Take your chances.


Doesn’t last very long.

6/23/2020 by Jody

I had bought 2 of these. My husband loved it for about 6 months. Then the light stayed red. We thought maybe the battery but after changing the battery it wouldn’t work at all. I’ve written the company and haven’t heard back.


Not working

6/15/2020 by Monique

I had one before and it works very well. This one stopped working and it's not even one month old.



1/24/2019 by Tanya

I purchased this in June of 2018. It was exactly what I needed and was very happy until around 6 months later in December of 2018 it stopped working. I changed the batteries hoping this was the issue, that didn't help so I bought new batteries just hoping mine were old. Alas, nothing. It hasn't worked since.


Did not work for me.

7/26/2018 by Carol

I was never able to get this darn thing to work! I am disabled and often have to go potty several times a night. Turning on a regular light is much too much light and makes it harder to go back to sleep. Unfortunately I kept it to long to return. Chalk it up to lesson learned!



5/15/2018 by Cynthia

Dead after less than two month. Don’t waste your money.



5/15/2018 by Allan

It is not working at all if even I changed batteries twice. Nothing is successful.



3/18/2018 by James

this product was terrible


Dosen't work

2/16/2018 by Gloria

I bought two, one works one doesn't. I keep buying batteries to try and get it to work. NO LUCK!
I like the product but not the performance.
Gloria Johns

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The IllumiBowl Story

Does your toilet glow?

Glow Bowl

This motion-activated toilet light solves a common dilemma for nighttime bathroom trips: risk jolting yourself awake with the overhead light or bump into stuff in the dark. IllumiBowl softly lights up the bowl, guiding without blinding you.

Suction cups keep IllumiBowl secure on the toilet’s rim. Kids going through potty training will think a glowing toilet is pretty great, especially when they get to choose from eight different color settings.

Anyone who has fallen into a toilet with the lid up (so most women, right?) or bumped into it in the dark will appreciate this dutiful bathroom
attendant. Read More Read Less