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Great invention

4/4/2019 by Jackie

I got this for my husband's nighttime forays to the pot. Now he can stay half asleep AND keep his aim on target. Thanks for both of us!


Love it!

3/3/2019 by Sandra

This night light works so well that we bought a second one for the other Bathroom. We had to adjust 'where' on the bowl we hung the unit as the water when flushed would hit the light and splash out on the seat. But that was because of the style of our bowl. Once we moved it around a bit, we got the light out of the range of the flush water and all was good. It helps at night when someone gets up. It gives enough light that you can move around the bath with out turning on additional lights. Very handy to have and just plain FUN.


Works great

2/17/2019 by Lynne

Yes, I’m loving this. It’s fun and serves a purpose.. I had a little problem getting the color right.i wanted blue and it was stuck on red. I emailed the guys and they said to take the batteries out and clean the connections.. it worked! Glad I purchased it!


Best Gift for my Dad Ever

2/15/2019 by Serena

My dad loves this gift. It's seriously his favorite thing


Hilarious and effective

2/13/2019 by Jodene

This item was something I gave as a gift. It was the source of much Christmas hilarity, but it is being used and enjoyed!!!


Helpful for not waking everyone up

2/13/2019 by Cynthia

Works great.


See below

2/13/2019 by Sandra

I really like it. it's great in the middle of the night.


Loved the idea of having a light in the night

2/4/2019 by Marie

Bought it for guest room bathroom. It was a hit! Especially for my grandsons. A light at night . They were


Perfect nightlight!

1/15/2019 by Tina

Just enough light to see without being woken completely up. Love the colors to coordinate with the seasons or holidays.


Love the toliet light

1/4/2019 by Jeri

It's great in the middle of the night, you don't have to turn on lights and blind yourself!

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The IllumiBowl Story

Does your toilet glow?

Glow Bowl

This motion-activated toilet light solves a common dilemma for nighttime bathroom trips: risk jolting yourself awake with the overhead light or bump into stuff in the dark. IllumiBowl softly lights up the bowl, guiding without blinding you.

Suction cups keep IllumiBowl secure on the toilet’s rim. Kids going through potty training will think a glowing toilet is pretty great, especially when they get to choose from eight different color settings.

Anyone who has fallen into a toilet with the lid up (so most women, right?) or bumped into it in the dark will appreciate this dutiful bathroom
attendant. Read More Read Less