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Motion Activated Toilet Light Case of 12

Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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Love it!

7/10/2018 by Gloria

I have a balance problem now and it is necessary that I can see and feel where I am walking, this helps a lot for me to get to the bathroom at night, Batteries wear out too quickly. I have purchased rechargeable batteries for that problem. I have had three other units that have stopped working even with new batteries and had to discard them unfortunatly. I like
using the one I have.


Useful & So Much Fun!!!

6/22/2018 by Mary Jean

I got this for my husband on his nightly trips to the bathroom; he usually turns on the low light but it's still disturbing to my sleep and his. It works great. I find it's fun for me (yes, it is) to watch the colors changing. It does make it a little difficult for a woman when you're concentrating on the colors instead of what you are there for :).

Highly recommend; can't beat the price.


Best idea ever!

5/17/2018 by Cindy

The boys love it, the girls love it ... I bought one for every bowl. No mess, nice night light and easy to use. Our bowls will never be without,


Great Love it!

5/1/2018 by Marsha

Works as described. Makes it easier to go back to sleep because you are not stimulated by bright lights in the middle of the night.


Great idea into a great gift

4/21/2018 by Angel

I bought two of these for my sisters two sons. They have just been toilet training and now at night they don’t hesitate to go so they can see what color the are going to get. We have made a game with them but I have to say my brother in law says it is a great night light as well. I am going to get more for my friends great idea


Toilet light

3/18/2018 by Jerry



Love it!

3/13/2018 by Marsha

I love the toilet light. I don’t have to be shocked awake with bright lights during the wee hours. My daughter loved it too and I purchased one for her as well.


Illumibowl lighting

3/2/2018 by Marilee R

One of greatest products ever made! What took someone so long to create this item!


Great Product

2/23/2018 by Sherilyn

I bought this as joke, ended being a huge hit! Love it! No need to turn on the bathroom light at night. Enough light and doesn't wake up anyone who is sleeping with a bright light. Perfect! Also doesn't blind me when I get up in the night. Must have!


Motion Activated Toilet Light works

2/18/2018 by Steve

I bought this after viewing it in an email. Just thought it solved a problem I had walking in the dark. It works great and stays on for a couple of minutes afterwards. I bought two for my bathrooms.

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The IllumiBowl Story

Does your toilet glow?

Glow Bowl

This motion-activated toilet light solves a common dilemma for nighttime bathroom trips: risk jolting yourself awake with the overhead light or bump into stuff in the dark. IllumiBowl softly lights up the bowl, guiding without blinding you.

Suction cups keep IllumiBowl secure on the toilet’s rim. Kids going through potty training will think a glowing toilet is pretty great, especially when they get to choose from eight different color settings.

Anyone who has fallen into a toilet with the lid up (so most women, right?) or bumped into it in the dark will appreciate this dutiful bathroom
attendant. Read More Read Less