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Motion Activated Toilet Light Case of 12

Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great Device!

6/29/2017 by Joe B.

Works well. Who suggest to every guy who voids in the middle of night. And especially for those who spouses growl when the seat is up! LOL!


Love it!

6/20/2017 by Mary

Bought it for my grandkids, 5 and 7....they love it. Actually they lost power last week and my daughter said "Well, at least we can see to use the toilet"....true story!


Super fun!

6/5/2017 by Julia

I love this light! Sometimes I open the door just to see the light come on. It gives out enough light with the seat down so those that are wondering about that, it does work. It fits easily on the bowl and is super easy to attach. I feel like I'm going to a disco party every time I open the bathroom door!


Fun and useful

5/16/2017 by Nicole

I bought this for my daughter thinking it may help with potty training her 2 year old son. Well, it didn't really help much with that but she loves that she doesn't have to turn on the light in the middle of the night.



5/15/2017 by John

It works perfectly for me. I'm up at least twice a night!!!


Great nightlight and fun!

5/8/2017 by Kathleen

With this motion detector light, which only turns on when its dark, we no longer have to turn on a bright light in the middle of the night for
the commode. I think it would be great for youngsters and the elderly too...simple tool. Colors are fun LOL!


Bright light to your night!

5/4/2017 by Robin

We had started the potty training stage with our grandson, thought it would be exciting For him to have a "glowing potty", you know, that little extra something to keep him interested in going to the potty. Yes, it works great, for him and everyone else! It has been a big hit with everyone!...I wish I had found it sooner.


Glow & Go

5/3/2017 by TP

This is the coolest accessory in my bathroom. Guests love the surprise they get & I forget it's there until they tell me! The sensor needs to be facing the door or the side of the most likely motion.


Great and useful!

8/18/2019 by Rocio

I really like this product. I had buying as a gift for friends and family, but I noticed that it does not last long. The one I have for myself are already changing to always blinking all the time. Grommet send me one replacement. Your customer service is excellent. Thank you. I will buy this product again.


Perfect for husband night trip to toilet

2/3/2019 by Donna

This is a great product. My husband gets up,frequently during the night to use the toilet and he does not want turn on the overhead light. This was a great answer for us, he could see and I didnt wake up when the light came on. The only down fall is this is the second one I bought. The first one lasted about 6 months. We changed batteries etc and it would not work again so I had to buy another one. I am hoping this one lasts longer. My husband was careful that he did not urinate on the first one and every week it was wiped off with sanitized disposable towels but it still stopped working. So we went a few months without one but I ended up ordering the second one.

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The IllumiBowl Story

Does your toilet glow?

Glow Bowl

This motion-activated toilet light solves a common dilemma for nighttime bathroom trips: risk jolting yourself awake with the overhead light or bump into stuff in the dark. IllumiBowl softly lights up the bowl, guiding without blinding you.

Suction cups keep IllumiBowl secure on the toilet’s rim. Kids going through potty training will think a glowing toilet is pretty great, especially when they get to choose from eight different color settings.

Anyone who has fallen into a toilet with the lid up (so most women, right?) or bumped into it in the dark will appreciate this dutiful bathroom
attendant. Read More Read Less