Personal Security Alarm

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Personal Security alarm

12/26/2019 by Patricia

Bought 3. I gave all of them as gifts for 2 granddaughters and daughter in law. They was very happy to get them.


really great item

12/10/2019 by dianne

I got these for my grand daughter, her mother, and a good friend, all of whom may have to get to their car during the dark hours. Having this alarm will give them some added protection by providing an alarm.


A Gift

11/26/2019 by Judy

I bought 2 for gifts.
One for my granddaughter who has a job that requires her to travel about in the public.
The second was for a friend of ours who was returning to the university to finish her studies and would be living on campus. Knowing that they will be better prepared to be safe eases our concerns.



11/1/2019 by Wm Kipp



Safety first !

10/31/2019 by Holly

I bought three of these.One for my daughter, my daughter-in -law & one for myself. It is very,very loud! But that's what you want,right ! They were very pleased.


Peace of mind

10/31/2019 by Sandy

I bought this for my daughter's Christmas stocking (and one for myself). We both like having them. My daughter keeps hers on her keyring so she has it at all times when out and about.


Safety at your fingertips

10/31/2019 by Janet

I bought these for myself, my 2 daughters, and daughter-in-law. We find them convenient to carry and they help us feel safer. Luckily, we haven't had a situation that needed the alarms, but it is nice to know it's there.


Makes me feel safer

10/8/2019 by Jan

Thank goodness I haven’t had to use it but we tried it when it came! I bought one for my do-workers since we all work late And leave alone. My detective friend says it’s one of the best things I could have gotten!


So stylish

8/21/2019 by Teri

This was purchased as a gift for my niece. I sleep better know she has this to help protect her. It also looks nice on her keychain!


Good stuff

8/19/2019 by Chris

Works as designed

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The iMaxAlarm Story

iMaxAlarm | Personal Alarm

Sound The Alarm

Feel and stay safer with a keyring alarm that looks unassuming but packs a powerful 130-decibel alert.

Pull the top to activate an attention-drawing sound that is as loud as a jet taking off or a jackhammer in action. Trust us, it is ear-splitting. The alarm is reusable—just pop the pin back to stop the sound.

Maker Alice Su modeled the low-key design on a traditional key fob so it can be attached to a keychain, bag, or worn on a lanyard. It’s TSA-friendly too.

The alarm can do the job of warding off unwanted attention and works as a call for help as well. It is handy in so many situations for
so many types of people—nighttime runners and commuters, campers, students, elderly folks—that we couldn’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from this small, but powerful alarm. Read More Read Less