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Personal Security Alarm

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Reviews (4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great device

11/18/2018 by Carol

I bought one of these for my granddaughter, and also one for myself. They're very quick and easy to open and it ever loud!!! Very pleased with this product.


Purchased as gifts

11/11/2018 by Pam

This item should be with everyone all the time.


Personal alarm

10/28/2018 by Mark

Bought 2, one for each of my girls. Both were surprised at how loud it us.


Works great!!!

10/28/2018 by Joyce

I walk where there are mountain lions and wild pigs .. I forgot coyotes! So I choose the iMax Alarm to detector predators. Work great...better than a gun !


convenient to have on purse

10/21/2018 by Loren

Havent used it thankfully, but gives us peace of mind.



10/19/2018 by Peggy

I walk after work and now I feel more at ease with it on.


Highly Recommend!

10/8/2018 by Cindy

I purchased one for myself and each of my daughters. Very easy to use and it doesn't "look" like an alarm. I have recommended this to many of my friends who have also ordered. I'm ordering an additional one for my elderly father who often walks his dog outside. Peace of mind in case he happens to fall he can pull the alarm for help.


Great idea

9/28/2018 by Susie

Bought this for my daughter who will be traveling a lot. It’s small and light and will be easy for her to carry. She seemed to like it too.


Easy to carry, well priced, and easy to use sense of security.

9/24/2018 by Pedro

The iMax Alarm packs a big punch. We tested it out by pulling the top off and the sound was very loud! I bought this for my girlfriend, my sisters, and my mother because it provides a sense of security. It's very convenient to carry around and super easy to use. Highly recommend it!



9/20/2018 by Andrea

I gave these to my granddaughters who live and work in the Twin Cities and they were very appreciative of the gifts! Hope they never have to use them, but if the need is there, I know these will be an even more welcomed gift!

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The iMaxAlarm Story

iMaxAlarm | Personal Alarm

Sound The Alarm

Feel and stay safer with a keyring alarm that looks unassuming but packs a powerful 130-decibel alert.

Pull the top to activate an attention-drawing sound that is as loud as a jet taking off or a jackhammer in action. Trust us, it is ear-splitting. The alarm is reusable—just pop the pin back to stop the sound.

Maker Michael Su modeled the low-key design on a traditional key fob so it can be attached to a keychain, bag, or worn on a lanyard. There are styles suited for kids and it’s TSA-friendly, too.

The alarm can do the job of warding off unwanted attention and works as a call for help as
well. It is handy in so many situations for so many types of people—nighttime runners and commuters, campers, students, elderly folks—that we couldn’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from this small, but powerful alarm. Read More Read Less