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Personal Security Alarm

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Reviews (4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great size

5/12/2019 by Joanne

I like the item but do not like the idea of spending money in a year to replace item it should work longer than that will see what happens


Great item

5/8/2019 by Joanne

I ordered the rose colored security item at first it came with nothing in box but quickly The Grommet responded and resent me my item, i have one negitive remark that they suggest you reoder in 1 year because of hazards and to make sure your item keeps working, i dont usually buy something just to replace in one year, we will see what happens in that year with mine read carefully description i didnt see anything till my item arrived with a card saying why to replace


Hard to pull top

4/9/2019 by Joann

Found this hard to pull the top off to activate. Disappointed that I could not push was what I thought was a button on the front of the device.


bought as gifts

2/13/2019 by Kathy

did not go over well and all had to be returned. don't know what the problem was, but I was asked to return them.



10/3/2018 by Marc

I gave the iMaxAlarm to my daughter, her sister-in-law, and to a friend who closes up her shop late at night. I finally read through the instructions in the box and was surprised to read the disclaimer about the battery and the possibility of exploding and fire risk. I will follow up with them and get their thoughts, but it is nonetheless very disconcerting that they have a product that the danger of having could outweigh the benefits.



9/18/2018 by MANNING



i feel safer

9/17/2018 by nancy

bought one for my mom and one for me, we live in a small village but once a month we do go to the city to shop, we feel safer now


Personal Security Alarm

1/5/2019 by Charlotte Ann

This product did not meet our expectations. Definitely not as loud an alarm as we expected. My husband set it off on our porch and said it might get someones attention but doubted it would detour an attacker. These were part of our daughter and granddaughter Christmas gift. A friend of our nineteen year old grand daughter was kidnapped and not found. We decided they all needed one of these. We will be looking for something much louder. Thankfully my hearing is very good so I know that's not the problem. First time we've been disappointed in a purchase from Grommet from what we recall.


Might be useful

1/1/2019 by George

Disappointed in the loudness of the alarm. Not as loud as I hoped.



10/23/2018 by Greg

It is not as loud as they say it is, in my opinion, having spent substantial time in the military around jets and other aircraft. A jet taking off is ear piercing to the point you have to cover your ears if you dont have hearing protection, this does not reach that level. Maybe I got a bad I'm giving MY opinion on the item that I PERSONALLY received.

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The iMaxAlarm Story

iMaxAlarm | Personal Alarm

Sound The Alarm

Feel and stay safer with a keyring alarm that looks unassuming but packs a powerful 130-decibel alert.

Pull the top to activate an attention-drawing sound that is as loud as a jet taking off or a jackhammer in action. Trust us, it is ear-splitting. The alarm is reusable—just pop the pin back to stop the sound.

Maker Michael Su modeled the low-key design on a traditional key fob so it can be attached to a keychain, bag, or worn on a lanyard. There are styles suited for kids and it’s TSA-friendly, too.

The alarm can do the job of warding off unwanted attention and works as a call for help as
well. It is handy in so many situations for so many types of people—nighttime runners and commuters, campers, students, elderly folks—that we couldn’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from this small, but powerful alarm. Read More Read Less