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The Arete Complete Story

Namaste to this beautiful towel.

Elegant Athletic

Not only are Arete hand towels and yoga towels high performance—it’s evident they’re the brainchild of an artist.

These hand towels and non-slip yoga mat covers absorb up to eight times their weight in water. They don’t feel like your regular cotton towel. The super soft, suede-like fiber feels great and dries quickly.

Maker Paul Moston’s soothing color palette counteracts the harsher, more abrasive tones used in regular sports gear. Paul combined two of his passions to create Arete: a love for tennis and yoga and his art history degree.

He exercised his creative muscles to design subtle
textures and hues to be laser-printed on the poly/nylon fabric. This resulted in a Grommet that’s equal parts functional and sophisticated.

Whether you get a glimpse of the beautiful patterns during your downward dog or at the end of long bike ride, these towels add a touch of calm to your workout.
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