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The product delivered as promised

6/26/2019 by Martie

We used these on a camping trip in Western Montana over Memorial weekend. We bought two of them. They fit the chair nicely and kept our backsides warm in the cool evenings. The compact size doesn't take up much room in the trailer. The batteries lasted is promised. Yes, we would buy this product again


Love it!

3/3/2017 by susan

Great product! My cold weather events last from 7am to 9pm and would love to buy an extra battery so i could have a fully charged battery at all times. Any chance i can do that? Cost?


Works indoors too.

2/14/2017 by Tamsin

Bought it for a cold office. Fits my office chair. Just recharge overnight and I stay warm the next day.



3/8/2016 by Corrin

Given that my wife is deeply sensitive to the cold, and my kids are deeply involved in outdoor sports, this product is more than a minor miracle!



1/1/2016 by James

Given that my wife is deeply sensitive to the cold, and my kids are deeply involved in outdoor sports, this product is more than a minor miracle!


Chaheati useage

11/28/2015 by Jack

Wife loves it. She was able to remain at fireside far longer than normal due to added warmth to her back side. Highly recommended.


Loving this seat warmer!

11/17/2015 by Catherine

I am loving this seat warmer. I'm using it for so many purposes (in car, at sport events & other outdoor activities, and even in my home when others prefer a cooler environment). Works great, recharges quickly. Folds easily. Really glad I bought this.



11/9/2015 by christine

Love it, charges easily. I use it at football and soccer games on my bleacher seat.


Great investment

10/26/2015 by Wayne

I love my Chaheati. Keeps my back and bum warm while watching soccer games.


$.5 out of five stars

12/5/2015 by jamesstreet

This was a gift for my daughter-in-law that dislikes the cold. Her children reported that their mother does not mind attending soccer games now because she is comfortable.

My only suggestion would be to make available a spare battery.

I have purchased two more to take as a gift to a hospital in rural a Guatemalan hospital to be used as pediatric patient warmers. Keeping patients normothermic during and after surgery is extremely important and life saving at times. I ran across a similar device at a meeting a d decided to apply these covers to the problem.

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The Chaheati Story

A heated seat that goes anywhere.

Heated Freedom

Take the luxury of your heated car seat wherever you go. The Chaheati cover is cordless—charge it from home or the car and enjoy a toasty seat anywhere.

Maker Kyle Smith was enjoying a bonfire one chilly night when he realized that his wife kept getting out of her seat to warm her back. When he couldn’t find a portable heat solution, he decided to make his own.

Chaheati uses energy-efficient carbon fiber instead of heating coils, so there are no hot spots. The weather-resistant, durable design makes it great for outdoor use. Charge the battery and enjoy hours of heat tailgating, on a fall
camping trip, or watching the kids’ soccer game.

This heated seat pad can also provide relief from sore muscles and back pain. The infrared technology and even heat are often used by therapists for deep muscle penetration.

Soothe a sore back and keep warm anywhere. With Chaheati, any seat is a heated seat.
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