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gift toy

6/26/2020 by celia

bought these for young adult grandsons. i had fun with it too


Lots of fun!

6/26/2020 by Susan

Lots of fun!


Phenomenon fidget

5/22/2020 by Marion

My niece is a very high functioning autistic. I’m always looking for a new fidget for her to calm down when she’s frustrated. This toy is amazing. She rolls it up and down her arms and it calms her very quickly. The metallic color and the fast movement are perfect combination! Thank you so much!!


Fun for kids and adults

5/7/2020 by Eileen

My grandkids got these for Christmas and loved them.


Spinning fun

5/5/2020 by Molly

The kids love it and all want to try it out, even the older kids had fun with it.



5/4/2020 by Tracy

This is great to use when I'm trying to brainstorm. Love it. I keep it on my desk at work.


Awesome fun!

5/1/2020 by Pamela J

I bought one for my grandson, he's 18 and he said it's so cool he couldn't put it down then my daughter tried it and she couldn't stop playing with it and then their friend tried it and she loved it too so I bought 2 more so they each have one now!


Great toy!

4/14/2020 by Pamela J

My daughter, my teenage grandson and their friend can't stop playing with this toy so I bought 2 more so they'll each have one. They love it!! It's a really cool, fun toy for everybody!


I bought 5 of these

3/22/2020 by joan

Each recipient loved it! The faces of accomplishment will be treasured for a long time.


Great fun

1/12/2020 by Cindy

Lots of fun to share and pass around from arm to arm

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The MOZI Story

MOZI | Arm Spinner Toy

Flow Ring

This is a slinky-meets-fidget toy for your arm. It’s one of those simple, yet addictive toys for people of any age.

Mozi slips over your arms and spins in mesmerizing patterns across it. Roll it from arm to arm or friend to friend. Then, once it’s made its rounds, just fold it flat by turning it counterclockwise between your hands.

Its smooth, caterpillar-like movement works best on bare skin. Everyone here at The Grommet got a kick out of playing with Mozi and we’re keeping a few around for fun.