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Great for any fun couple!

5/18/2015 by Ashley

I bought 2 and gave both of these as gifts. One to a friend for her birthday (for her and her husband of course). She was so tickled by the thought she said she couldn't wait to try it out... I have not heard how it went (can't decide if I want to know ;) ). The other was to my husband for our anniversary, albeit skeptical at first, it was a blast! Now we just have to get it framed.


Can't wait!

1/7/2014 by Cassandra

I purchased the Love is Art kit as a private and special Christmas gift for my husband. We have been married for 11 years and have 2 young children so, needless to say, it's pretty hard for me to surprise him any more. I stumbled on this amazing gift idea and held it my cart for several days, wondering if he would think I had lost my marbles. I couldn't have been more wrong! The packaging is elegant, high quality and subtly hints at the fun "project" within. As he read the description, his eyes lit up like, well, a kid on Christmas! The only reason I didn't give this 5 Grommets is that we haven't had the opportunity to actually use our kit yet. Trust me though, he called Love is Art "The BEST gift he has EVER received!" and we can't wait for our next date night! Take the leap!


Not as great as I had hoped

2/24/2018 by Elyse

This was a fun activity but not as fun as I hoped. I think I was in such a panic about getting black paint all over and clean-up was really messy. The paint comes off really easily but definitely gets everywhere....And maybe the final project looks better after it’s stretched (which is an add-on order) but it’s not so great right now.


Fun but missing paint

1/5/2015 by Amanda

My husband and I had a great time with this, but it was suppose to come with black and white and it was missing the white.



11/8/2017 by Heidi

The paint did not spread around on the canvas like it should have. It soaked into the Canvas where I had applied the paint.
Like the Canvas wasn’t primed first.
Surface should have been much slicker so the paint could move around. It soaked into the areas that I applied the paint to.


Permanent Paint ???

7/25/2018 by Jennifer

But for the fact the paint was permanent and took days to come off this was great. Really should warn people on this, much less use a paint that's easily removed.

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LOVE IS ART - Intimate Painting Kit

Creative Coupling

If you’re looking for a creative way to spice up date night, Jeremy Brown’s painting kit puts a sexy spin on couples’ art. For those adventurous partners who give it a try, Jeremy’s body-painting technique is a liberating, expressive, and beautiful way to create art together.

Jeremy, a South African-born artist, has been making paintings while making love for more than a decade, inspired by French artist Yves Klein, who made art in the 1960's by directing human models covered in paint. After a friend asked Jeremy what she would need to make a painting with her husband on their anniversary,
Jeremy came up with the idea for a kit. His Love Is Art package has all the materials needed to ensure a safe project, including a large plastic sheet to protect the floor; white cotton canvas; non-toxic paint; and even two pairs of disposable booties so you can walk to the shower to clean up without leaving a trail of footprints.

The movement of intertwined bodies distributes the paint across the canvas, creating a one-of-a-kind abstract image. After it dries, the painting is ready to be framed—a tangible reminder of a romantic experience. Are you ready to take a passionate plunge into paint?
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