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Amazing results!

12/19/2018 by sally

My daughter, grand daughter and I all tried the Ice Hair Conditioner Tool when it arrived. Even using it on dry hair with the Ice Spray the results were almost too good to be true. They took it home to use for a couple of weeks, then we'll trade off until we decide to buy a second tool!


Nice products

11/17/2018 by margie

Me encantó se ve y se siente la mejoría en el pelo. Es una buena herramienta para el pelo. Lo recomiendo a todas las personas.


Love it!

10/3/2018 by Laura

I bought this after seeing it on Amazon. Amazon was selling this for $169 though!! Ouch! Then I saw this at Grommet and bought right away. Keep in mind that this is NOT a hair straightener but a conditioner for your hair. My hair is naturally VERY frizzy, but I like to keep a straight look. With this tool, as my hair is drying, I use it to strengthen/condition my hair AND as a bonus, it helps get my hair straight in the style I want. I also use the spray which seems to help my hair maintain that straight shape. Of course, as soon asmy hair is fully dry, it tends to curl and wave, but I use my hair straightener and get a beautiful straight hair look without all the frizzies. Anyway, i recommend it. The more you use it the more healthy the hair becomes.


It works

6/3/2018 by Mary

Easy to use and the shine is great. I had my doubts but worth the money.


It does help

6/7/2019 by Jeannine

I waited a couple of months before reviewing this. I have a head of all different kinds of hair; Fine and thin in front, Thick and coarse on the bottom, wavy and not thick or thin in between...This ice tool has had an effect on all of it, The thinner finer hair responded almost immediately. It can look like downey feathers on a baby bird if i blow dry it so this has been great on that. The rest of the hair is better and I'm hoping will continue to improve with time, if for no other reason than i am using heat on it a lot less. I quit coloring my hair 3 years ago and it is long and silver so frizzy hair is horrific at this point imo. I use as directed after i wash/condition, then again after styling. It is also great for calming dry hair down after a humid day.


Seemed like a gimmick...

11/5/2018 by Pamela

I gave this a try to attempt to control frizz. After using this for over a month I have seen marked improvement in the condition of my hair. The reason for 4 stars is only the price, I believe it could have been half of what it cost.


It did not work for me

11/30/2019 by M.L.

I had good expectations, but the tool definitely did not work at all. Maybe too much was required of it: I live in a very humid city and my hair is gray.



5/26/2019 by Val

I was very excited to try the Inverse System. First of all, it took a long time to receive once ordered. Rather than making my hair smooth, it made my hair limp and lifeless.

The concept seems innovative, but it didn't work for my hair. I am returning the product.

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The Inverse Story

Dry hair gets the cold shoulder. (Literally.)

Cold Therapy

David Roe is the hair stylist and Maker behind the Inverse hair smoothening tool that uses ice—yes, ice—to make locks look and feel healthier. When his wife got great results rinsing her curly hair in freezing cold water, he learned that cold can help seal hair cuticles to better lock moisture in. So David began experimenting with ice to boost shine and leave hair smooth.

Patented ice cores go from the freezer straight into the styling tool where they’re held in place by magnets. The cores are filled with a unique gel that maintains the perfect chilly temperature while you’re using it. Smooth
the Inverse ice conditioner tool over damp hair to help seal moisture in—the opposite effect of hot tools, which can strip moisture out and lead to frizz. David also created an ice mist spray to use before you get started. It's pH-balanced to prime the cuticle to close and better prep for a session of icy cold conditioning. Read More Read Less