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No show belt

12/22/2014 by Dee

I like to wear my tops untucked snd this belt works great by eliminating those belt bumps.
The size adjusts easily. I highly recommend this belt and wesr it often.


Satisfied customer!

12/22/2014 by Bonita

I have been looking for this belt ever since I saw it on a morning talk show. That was two long years ago. Then one day I was looking for Christmas gift ideas on the grommet, & I found it! Yay!!! I love it! Now my skinny jeans stay put, & I don't have to keep pulling them up. Thanks Grommet,,,, I'm one happy customer!!


Great belt.

12/21/2014 by Sandy

What a great idea! I haven't had a chance to wear my belt yet, but it appears to be exactly as advertised.


Definitely a must.

12/21/2014 by Gail

It works just as described., you don't see any lumps and bumps from a belt . Its great.



12/21/2014 by Edie

I absolutely love this belt! I wear it everyday. It doesn't matter what top I wear, it lays completely flat to wear you can't see it. I'd give it 10 stars if they allowed that option.


Great Invisibelt. Love it

12/15/2014 by Martha

I ordered this belt for myself to wear with jeans because I never tuck in shirts or sweaters. I love it. I have now ordered one for each of my daughters for Christmas because I'm sure they will love it too. It's easy to use and definitely does what it promises, it's invisible. I would recommend this belt to anyone and everyone. I have already shown it to several of my friends who also want to purchase it.


This is great!

12/13/2014 by Robin

Fantastic! I love this belt. I can wear fitted shirts and you can't tell that I'm wearing this belt. Keeps my pants up (lol....just what I needed)! Highly recommend!!!! No belt buckle bulge!


I love these belts!

12/11/2014 by Mary

I have a little bit of a tummy already so they help me to have a smoother line under my tops. I will enjoy wearing the animal print one even if no one can see it! : )


new life for my favorite pants

12/4/2014 by Lynne

The Invisible belt has given new life to some of my favorite jeans and slacks.Some of my most comfortable pants have waistbands that stretch out during the day and become loose. This belt has remedied that and provided a comfortable solution that does not leave a bulging belt buckle at my waistline. Well worth the price, since it can be adjusted to fit low-rise or high-wasted pants.


total problem solver

12/4/2014 by Caryn

There are probably more reasons than mine to like this belt, but without it I couldn't wear tops with my jeans without piercing holes in my shirts dug through with the abrasive little corner right above the jeans button closure. For years after discovering the reason for so many ruined (and expensive) knits and woven shirts, I resorted to only wearing side zipper or elastic waistbands to avoid finding numerous little holes. This safely covers that little pointy part of my pants, and I can finally wear front closure pants again.

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The Invisibelt Story

Invisibelt - Eliminate Belt Bulk

All Belt, No Buckle and No Bulk

To belt or not to belt? It’s a question most of us have debated. You don’t want to leave the house with a big gap at the back of your pants, yet a bulky belt buckle would ruin the lines of your fitted top. So which do you settle for, a loose waistline or a bulging midsection? Talk about a no-win situation.

Kathy Kramer (left) used to tie shoelaces around her waist to cinch her pants without adding bulk, but the laces always slipped. So she used her expertise as a beauty editor and writer to invent this perfect low-profile alternative. Her Invisibelt lies completely flat. It holds up your pants
without adding any bulk. You adjust it to your size, so there’s no trailing belt tail, then snap the clasp for a slim connection. As an added benefit, the Invisibelt is non-metallic and won’t set off security alarms at the airport. We’re so glad Daily Grommet friend Karen Finn told us about this slimming find. It’s the perfect way to pull your outfit together… literally. Read More Read Less