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Love It! No PVC Smell

7/17/2015 by Jacqueline

I received the Invisibelt Skinny and it is perfect. From reading older reviews, I was concerned it might have a PVC smell, but this must be using a different type of plastic because there is no smell at all! Perfect!



7/17/2015 by Christine

This belt is everything it is advertised as and more. I LOVE this belt because it has a "soft" non metal buckle. I've been searching for a belt with a more comfortable buckle and this is IT!! I love it so much I'm ordering a back-up, plus one in black. Also, my tween daughter hates metal buckle belts so she has asked me to buy one for her, too. Thanks for an awesome product!!


It's great...

7/15/2015 by Patricia

Perfect for keeping your top button flat against your waist while leaving it 'undone' (after a big meal, perhaps?), while NOT having a big belt buckle bulging underneath your shirt. I'll be buying another!



7/11/2015 by Luzetta

I works like it says. No bulky buckles and I have the support of a belt.


Great invention

6/8/2015 by Dorothy

Excellent belt. Just purchased my second one. It is invaluable when you don't want a belt line under your tee shirt. And it really holds well with the stretch in today's jeans/pants. Love this product!!


Works well - no more slipping pants

6/6/2015 by Berry

Really like my new bels. My pants kept slipping down. Now with my new belt, that I can wear with anything, I'm much more comfortable and not pulling my pants up all the time.


good product

6/6/2015 by Janice

I am losing a lot of weight and before trashing a lot of pants I got this belt. The large size fits with length to spare. Adjusts easily buckle lies flat and stays closed. Doesn't show under tees much at all. Keeps pants snug around waist and they aren't drooping down. Works as advertised. Well constructed and worth the cost. Clear belt matches everything.



5/28/2015 by Joyce

I love this belt!


Does what it says

5/9/2015 by Sandra

This belt truly does what it says: it eliminates bumps and protrusions from the jeans buttons and whatnot, and provides a smooth look underneath tighter fitting or loose tops. I love it! It is comfortable to wear, doesn't dig into the skin when you sit.



5/9/2015 by Donna

I am a little chunky so it is great that I can wear a belt that is completely flat and the buckle doesn't show at all. It keeps its adjustment really well so I don't have to keep redoing it.

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The Invisibelt Story

Invisibelt - Eliminate Belt Bulk

All Belt, No Buckle and No Bulk

To belt or not to belt? It’s a question most of us have debated. You don’t want to leave the house with a big gap at the back of your pants, yet a bulky belt buckle would ruin the lines of your fitted top. So which do you settle for, a loose waistline or a bulging midsection? Talk about a no-win situation.

Kathy Kramer (left) used to tie shoelaces around her waist to cinch her pants without adding bulk, but the laces always slipped. So she used her expertise as a beauty editor and writer to invent this perfect low-profile alternative. Her Invisibelt lies completely flat. It holds up your pants
without adding any bulk. You adjust it to your size, so there’s no trailing belt tail, then snap the clasp for a slim connection. As an added benefit, the Invisibelt is non-metallic and won’t set off security alarms at the airport. We’re so glad Daily Grommet friend Karen Finn told us about this slimming find. It’s the perfect way to pull your outfit together… literally. Read More Read Less