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I'm buying a 2nd one

9/6/2020 by Jonna

I just love this belt & how it helps keep my pants & shorts on & up. My body type doesn't work with the lower waisted styles and I'm constantly pulling them up. But with this belt, I don't have to pull them up all the time. It's not 100% perfect, but again, I think it's my body type, not the belt. I've never had any issue with it staying connected. It's easily adjusted as needed. I'm tired of moving it from one pair of pants or shorts to another, so I'm buying a 2nd one. I bought my first one in Oct. 2019.
I've also since discovered a bonus: shirts don't develop those little holes at the beltline anymore! I was already sure it had to to with the button somehow, now I'm convinced of it! Belt covers it up & protects the shirts! Yay!


Repeat purchase

6/28/2019 by Michelle

I own several of these belts. They are very comfortable and long lasting.


Great product!

6/8/2019 by Andrea

Just what I've been looking for! Looks good. Good quality. Arrived on time!


This is the only belt that I wear

2/14/2019 by Rosie

I love that it's invisible, lightweight AND it isn't metal and can be worn through metal detectors.


Flat front at last

1/15/2019 by C. A.

Great belt that takes care of that awful bulge a typical belt buckle causes.
If I could change one thing...I would like to be able to order a length range. Currently I believe it is one size, which does work well...But...I am 102 lbs and the adjustment piece sits directly in the middle of the back of my pants. I would love to be able to order a Small and have the adjustment bar somewhere else. I will be ordering another in black though, so it's not enough of an issue to prevent another sale!



11/3/2018 by Peggy

Seems like such a small little thing, but when you can see your belt "bunch" through your shirt it's just not attractive. This belt completely takes care of the "bunch"!! So glad I found it. The ONLY issue I've had with it is I misplaced it because it's CLEAR!!! Pretty funny!!! Maybe I'll have to order another in black!


Great Belt!

10/29/2018 by Jan

My friend recommended this belt to me after I complained that I got a hole in my shirt from my belt buckle. It works great, is very flat and stays tight and does not slip. I highly recommend this product.


A great accessory for a slender miss

7/26/2018 by Corinne

This belt keeps a lean look but stilll holds up your pants. Isn't that what we all need?


Best belt ever

7/25/2018 by Barbara

Love this belt. No bulk lightweight had to get one for my daughter because she loved it too


Nice nearly invisible belt

5/15/2018 by Barb

This belt performs as well as it was described. It is nearly invisible since it is clear, but also because it has such a low profile that you can barely see a bulge when you wear it under a top.

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The Invisibelt Story

Invisibelt - Eliminate Belt Bulk

All Belt, No Buckle and No Bulk

To belt or not to belt? It’s a question most of us have debated. You don’t want to leave the house with a big gap at the back of your pants, yet a bulky belt buckle would ruin the lines of your fitted top. So which do you settle for, a loose waistline or a bulging midsection? Talk about a no-win situation.

Kathy Kramer (left) used to tie shoelaces around her waist to cinch her pants without adding bulk, but the laces always slipped. So she used her expertise as a beauty editor and writer to invent this perfect low-profile alternative. Her Invisibelt lies completely flat. It holds up your pants
without adding any bulk. You adjust it to your size, so there’s no trailing belt tail, then snap the clasp for a slim connection. As an added benefit, the Invisibelt is non-metallic and won’t set off security alarms at the airport. We’re so glad Daily Grommet friend Karen Finn told us about this slimming find. It’s the perfect way to pull your outfit together… literally. Read More Read Less