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Tirso Standing Spreader Knife Sample

Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)

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Lovely but misleading...

10/19/2016 by Ginny

I loved the 2 butter/jam knifes. I noted all the itslian theme and writing on the outer box, but shocked when I read "made in China". One would assume paying $20.00 for 1 butter knife, that it would have been made in Itsly. By all accounts, especially the Italian assumption written all over the box, that it was not from China. Very surprised indeed, and quite misleading.


Great Idea....

9/15/2019 by Douglas

But doesn’t stay standing, especially if any spread remains on the spreader. A bit of a balancing act to get it to stand. Use only for non-runny spreads, like peanut butter or cream cheese.


Nice concept, but they fall down easily

6/26/2019 by Karen

They really need to be flat on the bottom, bot rounded. They fall over very easily and get stuff all over the counter.



2/13/2019 by Danay

The bottom should be flat instead of rounded



6/13/2017 by Betty

I love the uniqueness of this knife standing on my cupboard, but it actually is clumsy to use, and I
have to always be righting it as the curved bottom lets it fall down too easily. I find it will stain, and I have to keep after it with polishing it back to sparkling clean looking.


Fun, but lopsided and falls over

11/5/2016 by Laura

I really liked the idea of these but they loose a bit in functionality. I bought two, one for a gift and one for me. Neither one was as straight as the one in the photo. I took the most crooked one and will give the other as a gift. And, they topple over pretty easily unless you place them down carefully...especially when on a very hard surface like granite. But, I think my nephews and nieces will get a kick out of them.



11/1/2016 by Margaret

I was very disappointed with this product. It did not stand up as it was supposed to. The weight of the metal in the base appeared to be unevenly distributed, and the knife kept falling over which defeats its purpose.


Not as handy as it appears

10/29/2016 by charles

Picture dripping jam, slinking peanut butter


Not Great

10/9/2016 by Lyn

I received this in the mail this week and was excited to try it. I gave it a 2 only because I liked the weight of it and it had a sleek design. I think mine is defective, though, and is not balanced correctly. It leans to one side and falls over easily. Disappointed...



5/25/2018 by Lorry

Gave this as a gift and it doesn't seem to stand real well.

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The IPAC Story

See a knife that defies gravity.

Stand-Up Knife

This balancing knife stays upright and accessible, thanks to its weighted base. Its gravity-defying design removes the need to rest a dirty blade on a plate or counter.

Tidy up your PB&J station, add a touch of ingenuity to the cheese spread at a cocktail party, or make sure no one monopolizes the butter knife at breakfast.

Tirso was designed by IPAC, an 80-year-old Italian company that specializes in stainless steel kitchenware innovation. They named Tirso after the thyrsus, or wand, used by Dionysus in Greek mythology.

It’s the perfect inspiration for this standing knife—it resembles a magic
wand and creates less mess. Read More Read Less