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Tirso Standing Spreader Knife Sample

Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great gadget

1/13/2017 by Kelly

Love it. Fills a need in my household. After trying it out, I purchased an additional as a gift.



1/2/2017 by Linda

Also bought this one as a Christmas gift for my daughters too. Never would have thought of doing a knife this way, but it is a great idea and no nasty knife with butter all over it.
Now I want one also.


Great invention

12/13/2016 by mark

Great idea and the delivery was very quick.


Cheese and Jelly Lovers Delight

12/10/2016 by Patrick X

We like both cheese and jelly. This standing spreader knife is the real deal. It is so useful and clean. Also a great conversation piece.


Crazy useful!!

12/8/2016 by Amy

I love this thing! We generally don't need a knife for dinner, but I do serve rolls. Since I prefer not to wash 6 knives that were only used for a few moments, I would just put one knife on the butter plate for group use. Inevitably it would end up on the table with butter everywhere. First world problems, I know. However, why not solve it :) Kind of fun too! It's not a weeble wooble, so you can knock it over, but you do have to be trying. Works just like it is suppose to, and while my family scoffed at me at first, they have decided they appreciate it. I read a couple reviews talking about it being dangerous, but we don't sit knives on the edge of the table anyway, so it would take some effort to hurt yourself on a butter knife in the middle of a table.


Best Surprise gift ever!

12/3/2016 by Hope

I bought this knife for myself and my 2 sisters. One just had surgery and was to be kept calm but about pulled a stitch laughing. My other sister was having a very bad day and was very emotional when she opened my card but laughed when she saw her new knife. I can honestly say this was the most bestest surprise gift for all of us. I love this website and will be back for many more items.


great idea

12/1/2016 by bob

i love this knife {: such a clever idea and works so well keeping the surface clean and it is always at the stand and ready


Great Idea

11/23/2016 by Jerry

Great idea, works good. Very happy with it.


Clever idea

11/17/2016 by Diane

I got the Tirso Standing Spreader Knife out of curiosity and have found it to be quite clever. In addition to the obvious benefits, I like the weight of the knife and the rounded bottom fits well in the palm of the hand giving a little extra leverage.


Unique and useful product.

11/12/2016 by Tony

This was purchased as a gift. It was delightfully received and is used every day.

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The IPAC Story

See a knife that defies gravity.

Stand-Up Knife

This balancing knife stays upright and accessible, thanks to its weighted base. Its gravity-defying design removes the need to rest a dirty blade on a plate or counter.

Tidy up your PB&J station, add a touch of ingenuity to the cheese spread at a cocktail party, or make sure no one monopolizes the butter knife at breakfast.

Tirso was designed by IPAC, an 80-year-old Italian company that specializes in stainless steel kitchenware innovation. They named Tirso after the thyrsus, or wand, used by Dionysus in Greek mythology.

It’s the perfect inspiration for this standing knife—it resembles a magic
wand and creates less mess. Read More Read Less