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Great grommet purchase

3/9/2018 by Sherry

When I saw the iTool on line I had to buy it. It is what everyone who has an iPhone or iPad must have one! It cleans your screen perfectly. I just purchased one as a gift.
Buy it; you will not be disappointed !!!


Great Product!

1/28/2018 by Sylvia

We have two of these in our household. Works perfectly on all our touch screens; ipad, cell phones, laptop, desktop. Highly recommend!


Probably the best screen cleaner!

1/20/2018 by William

I've used soft cloths, alcohol-infused pads, microfiber wipes, and they cant even come close to how well the iRoller cleans my smart phone and tablet. After using my iPhone, the oil from my complexion makes viewing the screen impossible after a phone call. Using my iRoller, after a few swipes, the screen is clean and free of ANY deposits, smears, or fingerprints. Plus, all you have to do is run the iRoller under water, let it dry, and you're ready for many more screen cleanings. Why didn't I get this ingenious device sooner? It's a no-brainer for anyone who uses a smart phone, tablet, and anything with a glass screen that needs cleaning.



Perfect screen cleaner!

1/11/2018 by Ashley

I bought this as a gift for my husband and he loves it! It works great on all of our tech screens. We love how there are no messy liquids to deal with and also the compact size, so he can easily take it when we travel.


Great cleaning product!

1/9/2018 by Pilisa

I've used my iRoller on my phone and on my iPad so far and it works great. I haven't needed to refresh it yet, so I can't report on that aspect of the product. It cleans off both fingerprints and small particles with ease. I also splashed my iPad screen and the iRoller got it off easily.



1/8/2018 by Meena

This is a great product. I ordered it as a stocking stuffer for my husband. It came quick and I use all the time. Works perfectly. Going to buy more for friends. Wish there was something like a 3 pack for a little less.


Does its job perfectly

1/7/2018 by Cel

I don't understand how it keeps on working and working for perfect cleans, but it does.


Love it!

1/6/2018 by Wendy

I was skeptical when I ordered this for my husband. After using it for a few weeks....we both love it! Does a great job at cleaning screens. No water needed. Not stickly.


Works Great

1/4/2018 by Thomas

Wow, what a great surprise, works GREAT.


Love it

1/4/2018 by Jinx

Love it

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The iRoller Story

iRoller - Touchscreen Cleaner

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Keep your touchscreens clean with the iRoller—a compact, reusable way to lift away fingerprints and dust without sprays or cloths. A few gentle swipes with the sticky surface, and your touchscreen will be smudge free.

The iRoller’s sticky material was originally invented by plastic surgeon Dr. Stanley Taub for organizing operating instruments. He realized that it had other uses, like cleaning oil and debris from touchscreens.

Because you can use it over and over again, the iRoller is more economical than disposable, pre-moistened wipes. It’s easier to manage than bottles of liquid cleaner,
too. Made to fit in your backpack, purse, or glove box, the retractable cover protects the sticky surface when you store it.

To clean your iRoller, just run the roller under tap water and air dry or gently blot with a lint-free cloth. Your iRoller will be ready and waiting for the next round of touchscreen cleanup.
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