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iSi Flex-it

Flexible Silicone Measuring Cups - Set of 3 Case of 4

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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12/4/2019 by Ethel

Works great. I use it to refill my barista machine with water and also to fill muffin pans. I’ve had the one cup size for a while so glad they came in larger sizes.


Easy to use!

12/3/2019 by Jean

I like my set so much that I have purchased two more to give as gifts.


Top Grade Measuring Cups

12/3/2019 by Jane

I bought these for myself and love them so much I’m gifting them to my favorite family members for Christmas. I used them at Thanksgiving when I cooked up a feast for the family. The cups were used to measure wet and dry ingredients, heat up ingredients for a favorite fudge recipes, hold the hot drippings from the turkey, and more. I am so happy with how they hold up, the flexibility to pour liquids, and easy cleaning. You can’t go wrong with this set.


Awesome product!

11/21/2019 by Pamela

Awesome product, even my husband loves it! Ordered a second set.


very handy

11/17/2019 by karen

Our family loves using these flexible measuring cups. We fill our thermoses from the icemaker almost daily without dropping a cube. We water our hydro plant devices. we have pancakes without dripping batter all over the place.


Best ever measuring cups

11/14/2019 by Stella

I LOVE these measuring cups!! I have two sets of my own, each of my children have a set, and I ALWAYS buy them as part of wedding gifts I give. They are just perfect for measuring, mixing, pouring, and anything else I can think of. I do usually wash mine by hand, because sometimes silicone picks up odors, but they CAN be washed in the dishwasher, if one prefers. Thanks for this wonderful product!!


Use them all the time

11/12/2019 by Lawrence

I've been extremely happy with this set.


Easy Pour

11/3/2019 by John

Love these measuring cups because they are easy to pour into small or narrow neck containers.


The Very Best Measuring Cups

11/2/2019 by Diane

These measuring cups are perfect for any task in your kitchen. In fact, my daughters now each have a set. They are flexible, easier to measure liquids in and clean-up is a breeze.


One of my Most Used Kitchen Items

11/1/2019 by Toni

These measuring cups are terrific. I love how easily they bend and pour and how they measure a variety of fluid amounts. I highly recommend.

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The iSi Flex-it Story

iSi - Flex it Measuring Cups and Mixing Bowls

Measuring Cup Makeover

If you rarely come out of a cooking experience unscathed, these flexible measuring cups are just what the baker ordered.

They’re made of food-safe bendable silicone. Here’s why that’s so nifty: you can pinch the rim to form a spout, then pour with total precision. It makes less mess, particularly when you’re pouring directly into a narrow space, like a food processor chute. And their rubbery texture is easy to grip, too.

These moldable measuring cups are designed to handle any temperature—from boiling hot liquids to ice-cold water. The outside stays safe to touch.

Another benefit to the
silicone design—it won’t break down in heat or react with certain foods.

From amateur bakers to everyday cooks, these cups make measuring, pouring, and prepping a piece of cake.
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