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iSi Flex-it

Flexible Silicone Measuring Cups - Set of 3 Case of 4

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Easy measuring & happy pouring!

9/29/2013 by Diane

I'm hooked and can't see why I would ever again use any other kind of measuring cup again. The flexible spout means spill proof pouring even into a small rim bottle


Oh so easy!

9/20/2013 by Phyllis

This is great stuff! It is pliable and so much better than a plastic or glass cup! Use it everyday.


Super kitchen accessory

9/9/2013 by Jamie

I have a set of Pyrex glass liquid measuring cups that I've had for years. Now that I have these flex-cups, I end up using them almost exclusively. It is so easy to pour liquids without dribbling down the side of the cup. They are great.



7/8/2013 by Dawn

Just used one again today for melting chocolate and butterscotch chips in the microwave for Special K bars. Making you drool aren't I. It worked fantastic. So many uses for these in and out of the kitchen just as described in the video. Definitely recommend.


The only measuring cups you'll ever need!

7/1/2013 by Lori

These are brilliant and they are perfect for solids and particularly liquids. I love the flexibility to be able to pour out of them...made my life a little less messy!


Use these for everything!

6/29/2013 by SusieQ

The video isn't wrong, you really can use these for everything, not just for recipe ingredients. I've found it comes in handy for filling the steamer hole on my iron, for one. No more spills!

The non-stick silicone is also very nice when using ingredients like molasses or honey for baking - you get all of what's called for in the recipe instead of most of what's called for. That's great! Microwaving liquids in these is fantastic as well; no more using hot pads to get things out of the microwave when done.

I'm never going back to Pyrex again, and I'm definitely going to be ordering more of these as gifts for my friends and family.


Awesome Product!

6/29/2013 by Deb

I have not actually used these yet, but they are well made and very flexible. I'm very excited to get in the kitchen and start baking with these. Shipping from this company is very FAST too! It took less than 4 days to reach AZ. I will continue to shop here at The Grommet :-)


Best Ever

6/28/2013 by Lana 1

I have purchase two sets of these. The picture explains it all how flexible they are. It's a great item for the price. They are flexible and yet sturdy enough to mix whatever you want inside.



6/28/2013 by Coffeykathy

I really Love this product--use the everyday!!



6/28/2013 by

I ditched my miscellaneous measuring cups for this set of 3 as part of my move to downsizing. They are lightweight, yet substantial and take up a lot less space. Love them.

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The iSi Flex-it Story

iSi - Flex it Measuring Cups and Mixing Bowls

Measuring Cup Makeover

If you rarely come out of a cooking experience unscathed, these flexible measuring cups are just what the baker ordered.

They’re made of food-safe bendable silicone. Here’s why that’s so nifty: you can pinch the rim to form a spout, then pour with total precision. It makes less mess, particularly when you’re pouring directly into a narrow space, like a food processor chute. And their rubbery texture is easy to grip, too.

These moldable measuring cups are designed to handle any temperature—from boiling hot liquids to ice-cold water. The outside stays safe to touch.

Another benefit to the
silicone design—it won’t break down in heat or react with certain foods.

From amateur bakers to everyday cooks, these cups make measuring, pouring, and prepping a piece of cake.
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