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iSi Flex-it

Flexible Silicone Measuring Cups - Set of 3 Case of 4

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Minimal spill

5/15/2018 by TJ

Squeeze it for smaller pouring. Very adjustable and easy to clean.


Work ok

4/25/2018 by Doreen

Markings on side of cups not quite as dark as depicted in the photo. Work fine though after having received seem a bit overpriced for the quality.


nice but...

7/23/2017 by Cathy

I love the measuring cups...but out of the box the measurement markings on one of them is already coming off...I had hoped the markings would last a long time...could this just be a goof?? or have others had the same problem??


They're alright

3/3/2017 by Juju

Being flexible doesn't matter if you can't hold it properly when it's scalding hot (even with mitts!) Especially with no handle! I use them but only for certain jobs.
The best thing about them, is you don't have to worry about them breaking when they continuously drop out of your hand.


Flex is great

12/10/2016 by Eleanor

I was thrilled with my silicone measuring cups. Then I found the same thing at Aldi grocery store for one third the cost. No worry I got the silicone bowls too. I learned a lesson, shop around before you buy. Eleanor


Mmm-My expectation

11/10/2015 by Marilyn

I was looking for something for my morning tea brewing that didn't spill. I does that, BUT it does get hot to the touch--must use potholder or use the largest size and handle it at the very top. Probably wouldn't " recommend" , but I would't bad mouth it. Just wasn't what I was looking for.


Like them but.....

1/13/2015 by L.S.

I have used these a few times and love how easy they are. The grip is perfect and pouring was easier. The only drawback is that the measurements on the 2 cup measure are incorrect. After having a couple of things come out watery I double checked the measurements of it with a few other measuring cups I had, and I found it was over by up to a 1/4 cup. The other two seem to be fine. Love the set, dislike that I can't rely on the 2 cup measure to actually measure anything accurately.


Great cups but measurements off

9/10/2014 by Darlene

I like these cups for the most part and they are very handy since I make a mess when trying to ladle. I found the measurements somewhat off from my usual measuring cups so will be hard to be accurate when using for a recipe.


not what I expected

8/20/2014 by Craig C.

I was excited to get this, used the cups a few times, then I tried to use the cups to do a very fine drizzle and the oil I was attempting to drizzle would go down the side of the cup and NOT into the food processor. I was rather irritated!


a big disappo0intment

11/6/2015 by Kim

The measuring set was yellowed and shopworn right out of the box. As if it had been sitting on a dusty warehouse shelf for many years. Or perhaps it was the heat that yellowed it? Either way it looked nothing like this picture. I was really annoyed that I had to go to the trouble of returning what I thought was a fail safe product. Recommend buyers find this type of product elsewhere.

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The iSi Flex-it Story

iSi - Flex it Measuring Cups and Mixing Bowls

Measuring Cup Makeover

If you rarely come out of a cooking experience unscathed, these flexible measuring cups are just what the baker ordered.

They’re made of food-safe bendable silicone. Here’s why that’s so nifty: you can pinch the rim to form a spout, then pour with total precision. It makes less mess, particularly when you’re pouring directly into a narrow space, like a food processor chute. And their rubbery texture is easy to grip, too.

These moldable measuring cups are designed to handle any temperature—from boiling hot liquids to ice-cold water. The outside stays safe to touch.

Another benefit to the
silicone design—it won’t break down in heat or react with certain foods.

From amateur bakers to everyday cooks, these cups make measuring, pouring, and prepping a piece of cake.
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