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5/27/2015 by Pamela

It has a silicon-y, rubbery taste. Tried it once; not anxious to try it a second time. Good idea, but........


Adorable, but impractical

4/17/2015 by Melissa

Absolutely adorable, but the glass heats up QUICKLY and gives off so much heat that I can't touch the cup when the coffee is hot, and by the time I can, it's too cold to drink. For me, less than ideal, but if you drink fast you'll love this cup.


Poor insulation

9/18/2014 by Chris

I assumed that by paying this much for a single coffee mug, it would be of exceptional design and function. Unfortunately, the first cup of coffee my wife poured into it from the perk made the cup too hot to hold. There is no handle, just a silicone sleeve, so we see this as a major flaw. The design is very nice, but if it is too hot to hold, that's not very functional.


Do not wash in Dishwasher

6/27/2014 by Gary

The only disappointment is I thought the reusable glass cup was dishwasher safe. Placing it in the top rack of the dishwasher, after one washing, it lost its deep black luster and now looks years old.


Beautiful but Leaking

4/9/2014 by Yuri

I've had the cups for a month and a half now and have enjoyed the look and the fact that it keeps my coffee warm, but in the past week, I've noticed that the tops are not holding their seal anymore. Now the coffee is still warm, but not all of it's making it to my mouth. I've had to invest in a new bottle of spray 'n wash (for my shirts) to go with my Joco cups.


Not better than most travel cups. It leaks under the lid.

3/23/2014 by Kay

Like most travel cup, it leaks under the lid. Its glass so it doesn't affect the taste of coffee, which is good, but it doesn't keep the beverage warm either. I like that its easy to clean -- all parts are dishwasher safe. Other than that feature, I didn't find it better than most other travel cups.



3/8/2014 by CS

I wanted to love this product, as I have been looking for a to-go cup for hot beverages that is (1) BPA free; and (2) glass, while still strong and practical. I was happy that it was microwave and dishwasher safe -- necessary on a product one plans to use daily. I was also drawn to the smart design of the lid, which does meet its stated hope of being a more comfortable drinking experience -- free of nose bumping!

But after a one-time use, this cup is at the back of the cupboard not to be used again. The most significant problem is the silicon lid -- which smells, especially after being washed in the dishwasher, and taints the taste of the beverage STRONGLY. My entire cup of coffee tasted like soapy silicon, even after a beyond thorough rinsing of the lid. It was undrinkable.

The second problem is that the silicon handle around the cup does slip a little when a hot beverage is in the cup, making it somewhat precarious.

Third, the lid never really feels like it is on quite tight enough. It takes some getting used to just to put it on because it fits a bit strangely.

And a final note -- small, but still worth mentioning -- is that on the black cup, at least, there was significant fading of the color after just one wash, making it look ashy gray.

Sad to be out $25 on a product I'll never use again. And resuming my search for a to-go cup that doesn't alter the taste of my beverage and is practical.


Not what it says on the packet

2/26/2014 by Brian

Can't really see the point of it. The lid is a little loose and i was always worried it would come off while drinking it. Not really portable for that reason.C



2/24/2014 by Ashburn

Not really useful, just a glass and doesn't keep coffee warm and doesn't hold much. My Nisan mug keeps coffee.
warm for a very long time and holds more coffee.
Disappointed with this product.


Hot coffee leaked all over me

11/17/2019 by Susan

I wanted to like this. I’m a coffee spiller and wanted something more like a soppy cup. The first time used it, I noticed that it was hard for me to sip my coffee. The second thing I noticed immediately thereafter was hot coffee spilling on me. The lid doesn’t seem to fit tight enough. It comes off far too easily. I’m just about through ordering from this website.

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The Joco Story

Joco - Glass Coffee Cup

Glass Act

Meet Joco. The reusable glass coffee cup from Australia that cares about everything from your taste buds to mother nature.

Unlike plastic and paper to-go mugs, Joco Cups are made of boroscilicate glass that is as durable as it is lightweight (not to mention naturally BPA-free and food grade safe). No plastic aftertaste. And, no trees cut down for the sake of your morning ritual.

Joco Cups feature a silicone thermal sleeve to keep your coffee hot and your hands cool. The unique base shape pulls the contents of your beverage to the center to help ensure balanced taste. The folks at Joco have
left no detail uncovered. Even the lid has been thoughtfully designed for sipping without splashing and providing clearance for noses of all shapes and sizes.

Everything from the glass to the packaging is environmentally safe and 100% recyclable. Each Joco cup comes in a nifty container making it a great gift for the coffee lovers in your life. When you’re on the go and you want to taste your coffee, not your cup, Joco has you covered.
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