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Joco Coffee Cup

8/24/2015 by Rick

Look nice. However, even though the glass may be BPA free the top still smells like rubber when you take a drink. The silicone thermal sleeve is virtually ineffective. I will be returning mine.


hate it

12/27/2014 by Bruce

The cover smells, any little bit gets on cover stays there and creates a giant stain coffee gets cold the insulation does not work


Still a hot cup!

5/28/2014 by Kathy Fox

Unfortunately this cup filled with hot coffee is too hot to hold, even if you could confine your grip to the colorful part (which is difficult). It's also a bit "fatter" than the standard disposable cup and therefore doesn't fit well into a standard holder in the car. I was so thrilled to see this because I strongly prefer drinking coffee from something other than styrofoam or paper, but I'm disappointed that the "grip" doesn't really solve the "hot cup" problem.


Does not work with all coffeemakers!

5/9/2014 by KATHLEEN

This does not work with all size Keurigs so do your homework before purchasing. I purchased 5 and they didn't work with my coffee maker so I was out $125. Apparently the coffeemakers with sensors do not recognize the glass so they are useless.


Too Hot to hold to drink hot liquid

4/24/2014 by THELMA

Item was too hot to hold to drink hot liquid from


not happy

4/19/2014 by Michael

The cups are a big disappointment since the rubber does NOT insulate well when you are making hot tea.


I don't get it...

2/25/2014 by Victoria

It doesn't keep my coffee hot; difficult to drink from with the lid on; and it's too hot to hold. What's the point? For this amount of money, it should do something. I don't get it...


what do you want here?

2/25/2014 by Diane

I am really disappointed in the cup. I was looking for what I thought this would do. It leaks...I've tried everything I can to adjust it, rotate it, I have not used it in the microwave.

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The Joco Story

Joco - Glass Coffee Cup

Glass Act

Meet Joco. The reusable glass coffee cup from Australia that cares about everything from your taste buds to mother nature.

Unlike plastic and paper to-go mugs, Joco Cups are made of boroscilicate glass that is as durable as it is lightweight (not to mention naturally BPA-free and food grade safe). No plastic aftertaste. And, no trees cut down for the sake of your morning ritual.

Joco Cups feature a silicone thermal sleeve to keep your coffee hot and your hands cool. The unique base shape pulls the contents of your beverage to the center to help ensure balanced taste. The folks at Joco have
left no detail uncovered. Even the lid has been thoughtfully designed for sipping without splashing and providing clearance for noses of all shapes and sizes.

Everything from the glass to the packaging is environmentally safe and 100% recyclable. Each Joco cup comes in a nifty container making it a great gift for the coffee lovers in your life. When you’re on the go and you want to taste your coffee, not your cup, Joco has you covered.
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