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Love It.

9/9/2014 by Patti

Love this product. I love the design how it feelin in my hand and how the lid fits.


Eco Friendly and Fabulous

9/8/2014 by Dawn

I have used this cup for a few weeks and it is a great purchase and I'm happy with it.
I visit a local cafe several times a weeks and wanted to reduce the number of paper cups and trash I was creating. This little 12 oz glass mug is a perfect fit for that purpose and also a great everywhere cup - it fits in my car's cupholder and when it's empty it tucks in my bag easily due to it's compact size.

It's more of a conversation piece than I realized people ask me about it every time I use it from the Baristas to strangers waiting in the line at the cafe. I tell them where I got it and about all the color choices.

Great way to be eco-friendly and styling!


Very Nice Cup

9/6/2014 by Ellen D

I purchased the green cup cause I like that color. It's very attractive n useful cup for outside usage n inside in the house as well. Glad I bought it, easy to clean as well.


Just what it should be.

8/21/2014 by Steve

A perfect size for our typical morning cup of coffee. Coffee stays at temperature the whole time and it fits nicely into our cars' cup-holders. An added bonus is that all pieces are dishwasher safe.



7/20/2014 by Lori

I have been trying to get away fully from plastic and this is the perfect hot drink cup. Expensive but worth it.


My new office cup makes me smile everday!

7/17/2014 by Sue

My Joco is a great commuter cup and office cup. I use it daily!


Wonderful Reusable Cup

7/3/2014 by Dana

I purchased this cup for my daughter to use in the cup holder of her electric wheelchair. She absolutely loves it! The size fits perfectly, and is also easy for her little hands to grasp, and I don't have to worry about her burning her fingers or the contents spilling. The lid removes easily and the unit washes nicely.


Exactly what I was looking for

6/28/2014 by Ellie

Environmentally concious, fashionable and functional.



6/27/2014 by Chris

I love my Joco cup! It "feels" so nice and it is a pleasure to drink tea and coffee from it. I also purchased a tea steeper for my hot tea leaves and the steeper fits perfectly in my Joco cup.


Great way to drink Coffee

6/24/2014 by Bates

I have used the "I am Not a Paper Cup" coffee mugs and several copies in the past. While this is more expensive, it is smaller, lighter and easy to hold. I really enjoy using this every morning.

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The Joco Story

Joco - Glass Coffee Cup

Glass Act

Meet Joco. The reusable glass coffee cup from Australia that cares about everything from your taste buds to mother nature.

Unlike plastic and paper to-go mugs, Joco Cups are made of boroscilicate glass that is as durable as it is lightweight (not to mention naturally BPA-free and food grade safe). No plastic aftertaste. And, no trees cut down for the sake of your morning ritual.

Joco Cups feature a silicone thermal sleeve to keep your coffee hot and your hands cool. The unique base shape pulls the contents of your beverage to the center to help ensure balanced taste. The folks at Joco have
left no detail uncovered. Even the lid has been thoughtfully designed for sipping without splashing and providing clearance for noses of all shapes and sizes.

Everything from the glass to the packaging is environmentally safe and 100% recyclable. Each Joco cup comes in a nifty container making it a great gift for the coffee lovers in your life. When you’re on the go and you want to taste your coffee, not your cup, Joco has you covered.
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