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Reusable Glass Cup Case of 6

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Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)

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Right Size Mug

7/8/2016 by Tammy

Have owned another Joco previously. Really like the eco-friendly glass travel mug's size. Fit's perfectly in my cup holder! There is one small glitch . . . there is a bump in the glass rim that allows the lid to leak if you don't pay attention to how you're putting the lid on. Probably just a random thing. Otherwise good purchase.



12/5/2015 by Candace

The only reason I cannot give it an excellent rating is the size. It's perfect but really small if they doubled the size it would be the perfect drinking product for me.

The lid is great stays put cleans easily the rubber grip makes it easy to hold whether it's hot or cold.

Great for younger children. Make the bigger one for adults!!


So glad to have this cup!

11/26/2015 by Judith

I bought it for my husband who has a tremor in his right hand. Our favorite part of the day is our early- morning cup of coffee when we discuss many things together, sometimes getting distracted from watching what we're doing, so the covered cup saves the day. I only wish it were a bit bigger☺️


Hot Cup

11/18/2015 by John

Great idea and design. I found the glass and silicon sleeve get so hot it is hard to hold after filling with coffee. I don't have any suggestions to correct this but I will say that is the only drawback about this glass cup. This is really high quality and I do enjoy drinking from it. But it is to hot to hold. I have to set it down between drinks.



4/13/2015 by Joseph M

We have two of the cups, and my wife and I have found them utilitarian and enjoyable. If you should purchase one, make sure that you wash it thoroughly, as the rubber top can impart an undesirable taste.


good mug

12/25/2014 by Megan

Nice solid looking and feeling product. It's harder than I thought to secure the lid, you have to force it down to prevent leaking while drinking.


Perfect after I altered it

11/12/2014 by Linda

If my only need was for a reusable glass cup, this one would be perfect. However, I wanted a cup that I could brew directly into. I was hoping the bottom edge of the silicone sleeve would correspond with a 3 oz. shot so that I would no longer need a shot glass. When using a shot glass you waste a lot of yummy crema when transferring the espresso to a cup or mug. Unfortunately the bottom did not correspond to the 3 oz amount I wanted, so with a little measuring, marking and an exacto knife, I cut the appropriate amount off an voila! I can now brew the precise amount directly into the cup. Joco, does this give you an idea for additional sleeves?


Freat, but....

8/29/2014 by pat

it is a bit hot to hold. I had to wrap a thick napkin around it to carry it. If you could make the 'jacket' a bit thicker or denser, it would help. I did let hot water stand in the cup while the kettle was on, to warm it up. Next time I will try not doing that. All in all, a great cup. Thanks.


I bought the lime color.

6/24/2014 by Linda

Good looking coffee "cup". Too hot to handle when boiling hot water with coffee first poured into it. After waiting a few minutes it was fine to hold.


Great coffee cup!

4/28/2014 by Tony

Avoids 2 big problems that most travel cups have - spattering after taking a sip, and being hard to seal so it doesn't leak when you tilt it to drink. The top goes on so easily - just press and it's on and doesn't leak. It isn't thermal, and I don't take it back and forth because of the risk of breaking, but I love using it!

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The Joco Story

Joco - Glass Coffee Cup

Glass Act

Meet Joco. The reusable glass coffee cup from Australia that cares about everything from your taste buds to mother nature.

Unlike plastic and paper to-go mugs, Joco Cups are made of boroscilicate glass that is as durable as it is lightweight (not to mention naturally BPA-free and food grade safe). No plastic aftertaste. And, no trees cut down for the sake of your morning ritual.

Joco Cups feature a silicone thermal sleeve to keep your coffee hot and your hands cool. The unique base shape pulls the contents of your beverage to the center to help ensure balanced taste. The folks at Joco have
left no detail uncovered. Even the lid has been thoughtfully designed for sipping without splashing and providing clearance for noses of all shapes and sizes.

Everything from the glass to the packaging is environmentally safe and 100% recyclable. Each Joco cup comes in a nifty container making it a great gift for the coffee lovers in your life. When you’re on the go and you want to taste your coffee, not your cup, Joco has you covered.
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