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3-in-1 Portable Jump Starter Case of 3

Reviews (5 out of 5 Grommets)

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9/28/2019 by Margaret



Works great!

6/26/2019 by Kyle

Works great, and is super compact. Love it


graduation gift

6/2/2019 by Lynn

Purchased for a new graduate as safety "insurance". Initial charging seemed to have taken a long time. Purchased the 3-in-1 USB charging cable as well. Both seem to work well. I'm betting it's a little too large for glove compartment storage.

Package arrived in pouring rain, but since it was double packed, the product package itself was not damaged.

Would love to have one or two more for myself!


jump smart

12/23/2018 by johann

I gave this to my son as a gift, and he was blown away by it. He said it was absolutely awesome. He is very difficult to buy for so i am so happy I got this for him. I very rarely buy a gift and this is the first year i have in many years, and so happy I did.This is my go to place for him. thank you


B-day gift. Beyond expectations!

12/6/2018 by AJ

This was a gift for my husband's birthday. He is an emergency responder, and there's always somebody who needs to be jumped off. A few months ago he said he was tired of getting out and inclement weather, getting the jumper cables out of the trunk and standing out there waiting for the other car to start. I paid attention and this device is worth the money! He just pulls it out and uses the light to find a place to set the flashlight, hooks it up and Bam! We are both thrilled and he was very surprised as he did not know that this device existed. It is a very well made a little heavier than we thought which is a good thing. And comes in its own emergency case. Thank you Grommet for offering this.


neat complex device...

12/5/2018 by Tom

super portable combination of important roadside assistance devices. feel better having this in the car. nice fit and finish. great design.



10/14/2018 by Juba

Works exactly as advertised and no regrets at all


Portable Jump Starter

10/10/2018 by SONIA

Hello I am frequent shopper with Grommet, the flashlight jump starter looks like a great thing to have in one's car, and to give as gifts but its way too expensive. I really would like one, but this is above my pocket.


Works great!

8/10/2018 by Richard

Just after I bought this JumpSmart, the battery in my wife's car died. She called AAA and they said it would be at least an hour to get to her. I drove over where she was parked, head-in, making ti difficult for standard jumper cables. She popped the hood, I turned on the JumpSmart, hooked it to her battery, and the car started right up. Well worth the money and easy to use.


a Must-Have for your car

7/9/2018 by Karin

This is a perfect little life saver! The sturdy and compact case keeps everything in one place, yet is easy to tuck away in your vehicle. Easy-to-follow directions are printed directly on the interior of the case. And even if you aren't using it much to jump-start your car.... you'll love that it will charge up your phone or other vital e-device! No more panicking because your phone is only at 13% !!!!! [Oh, and of course, it's a flashlight. What's not to love?!?!?!

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The JumpSmart Story

Fit 1,000 jump-starts in the glove compartment.

Jump Starter

JumpSmart is a portable car jumper, and then some. It’s a three-roadside-must-haves-in-one compact device that easily stores in a glove compartment or trunk.

It’s powerful enough to jump start a diesel truck and can do the job on a variety of engines all the way down to a lawn mower. And it has integrated safety features to make sure you’re correctly charging any vehicle, like alerts indicating an improper connection. The LED light serves as a torch or emergency beacon and has four modes, including SOS, while the USB charger can provide a quick battery boost to a mobile device.

All that
charging, engine-jumping, and visibility-increasing power is combined in a handheld device that packs away neatly in its case. It’s the perfect added safety measure to keep in the car. Read More Read Less