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my go-to gift

5/26/2016 by RU

This is my 3rd gift purchase. Everyone loves it. Mine's still going strong. Was using it almost daily last month until I found time to get a new battery. Perfect present - for yourself and friends. 5 G's easy.


Best ever!

2/16/2016 by Ann

I gave this Juno jumper to my husband for Valentine's Day. He was so excited! He said it was the best Valentines present he'd ever gotten. He's a tough man to shop for so that meant a lot.


excellent product, terrific service

2/14/2016 by RU

I live abroad and ordered this product to be sent to where I was visitng in the US. This was almost a year ago. When I returned home, of course my car battery was dead. I took the JJ out of my suitcase & it started the very dead battery in approx one second. I then had a problem with the light switch that wouldn't turn off. I contacted support, and a terrific guy, whose name I can't remember (damn!) provided the absolute best service I have ever received by phone. He even arranged a Skype-Skype video call with me so that I could show him the problem. Then - although the company does NOT ship abroad - he made an exception and had an address label printed out by the end of our conversation! The new JJ arrived in 5 days(!) to the Middle East. I have since used my new JJ multiple times and it works like a charm each time. One exception: It got wet in a hail storm and started flashing lights. I dried it out with a hair dryer, recharged it, and it has worked perfectly several times since. I suggest using a baggie in the rain! I just got around to ordering one for a friend. It is a fantastic gift - super useful, small & convenient. Every driver should have one. Now if they could only find a way to incorporate an air compressor... 4.5 stars for the product, 10 stars for the service!


Jumper Failure

5/23/2017 by Jean

The Grommet has been a great company to work with on a variety of items over the years. This was my 4th Juno Jumper purchase. The reason for this one is that we went to use our first one and when we attached it to the battery the case on the Jumper expanded and it would not work. We do not know what happened but we thought we would let you know of the issue. Thank you, Jean McClintock

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The JunoJumper Story

Junojumper - Portable Jump Starter

The Juice

The JunoJumper is a portable battery pack, with enough power to jumpstart most 4- or 6-cylinder cars. 12 volts, 300 amps, all in a pack roughly the size of a cell phone (and it charges those, too).

Here at The Grommet we put JunoJumper to the test. Fortunately, our offices are right next to a body shop. We plugged it into a long-idle vehicle. Fired right up.

And we didn’t need extra cables, because JunoJumper comes with a set. It also comes with an innovative SMARTec cable that indicates when your car is ready to jump. Plus there’s a LED-light to help operate in the dark, if you weren’t lucky
enough to kill your battery during daylight.

The JunoJumper includes a USB port as well. Use it to bring your phones and tablets back to life. Obviously, it's up to the task. As for charging the JunoJumper itself? That can be done with a car charger, or via the included micro-USB cord. It’s like a circle of power.
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