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Worth it

9/26/2019 by Julie

If you're getting the Juno Jumper, this is a worthy extra few bucks. It keeps the JJ contained and neat. Keep the instructions in it as well so you won't be stuck trying to figure out why you bought the JJ in the first place.


Amazing small device

9/13/2016 by Bryan

I have used my Juno Jumper a few times and have been amazed how much power is stored in such a tiny device. "Big" enough to start the car, "small" enough to slip in your pocket to boost the phone several times.

Now she wants one for her car!t


Works well

2/17/2016 by Ann

The Juno jumper case works as I would expect it to. Everything fits nicely into the case which is a real asset to having the Juno jumper.


still a tight fit

7/20/2020 by Byron

I bought the Juno Jumper first and was disappointed that there wasn't something to put it into. Then saw that they offered a case which i then purchased. Almost not large enough to fit jumper into and no diagram to show where or how to place pieces together for a good or comfortable fit. Could have been just a little larger to take care of the problem.

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The JunoJumper Story

Junojumper - Portable Jump Starter

The Juice

The JunoJumper is a portable battery pack, with enough power to jumpstart most 4- or 6-cylinder cars. 12 volts, 300 amps, all in a pack roughly the size of a cell phone (and it charges those, too).

Here at The Grommet we put JunoJumper to the test. Fortunately, our offices are right next to a body shop. We plugged it into a long-idle vehicle. Fired right up.

And we didn’t need extra cables, because JunoJumper comes with a set. It also comes with an innovative SMARTec cable that indicates when your car is ready to jump. Plus there’s a LED-light to help operate in the dark, if you weren’t lucky
enough to kill your battery during daylight.

The JunoJumper includes a USB port as well. Use it to bring your phones and tablets back to life. Obviously, it's up to the task. As for charging the JunoJumper itself? That can be done with a car charger, or via the included micro-USB cord. It’s like a circle of power.
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