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Great Product!

11/6/2015 by Chriss

I have a lot of keys that dangle from my keychain which is held onto my beltloop at work. I was tired of sounding like the school janitor when needed for a key. This def stopped all the noise. I put six of my most used keys on the holder. Because I pull them out constantly all day, it seems to not hold very tight. Two are quite long, so maybe if I had one for long keys and one for shorter (regular size) it would work well. I plan on ordering more for Christmas gifts.
I did get quite a few employees wanting me to share where I bought such a great gadget.... and I did share my secret!


Key fob

11/5/2015 by Amy

Pocket saver, love the color choice, convenient tool


Great for Me

10/31/2015 by Joaquin N

Yes i have the KeySmart for some time now its a great addition for my keys. It do have some ups and downs, like when I want one key they come out but thats minor to me, and its compact design for all my keys that works for me
That's my own Opinion


Easy to use/great organizational tool

10/22/2015 by Teresa

This is a great product. It really does limit the heaviness of many keys in your pocket and makes it easy to grab the key you need instead of trying to search through a bunch of dangling mess


Good product

10/20/2015 by Susan

The KeySmart eliminates the jangling of the keys and makes my keys contained into a smaller space so that it fits better in my small purse. But, even with the extender, I was only able to fit 4 keys onto the holder. I used the loop for both my car key and gate/garage opener (size of the car key). I absolutely recommend the KeySmart - especially for men who don't want the bulk of keys on a ring in their pocket, and for women who use a small purse.


I like it.

10/3/2015 by Geoffrey

Compact and doesn't rattle around. The screws seem to loosen a little each time the keys are flipped out, but not much.


Keys all in one place :)

9/23/2015 by Regina

I like that all my keys are in one place. I ordered the extended version. It is a must. I have all my work keys (3) on one side and my post office keys (2), with my church key (1), and my storage key (1) all on the other side.

I have not had it very long, but so far it works great. I can put my hand in my purse and find all the keys I might need all in one handy place. I am no longer picking up the wrong keys to do a job and realizing it is the wrong set. My car key and fob are all together, separate. I can put my Key Smart in my pocket each day at work and have all the keys I need to open three different doors.

Thinking this is a great idea. Many have complained about it stripping the screw. To avoid this, you just don't tighten it that much. I would not want it too tight anyways. This would cause it not to open very easily.


Not that perfect

1/13/2017 by Jane

Well I'm glad I did not spend more than I did on this key holder. Having recently moved to a condo I now have a lot more keys Unless you have this key holder jammed packed with keys they slide out! Needless to say I turned around and bought myself a &6.00 key ring/holder and
I'm much happier! It seems
Like a good idea, but I think it needs to be modified more.


I find it awkward. Maybe just me.

10/24/2016 by Carol

Mych better in theory than in practice, i find. Have reconfigured the keys a few times and still awkward. Have not removed it though


Not as great in reality

10/20/2016 by Patricia

Not as easy to get keys off and on as it is other jey holders.

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KeySmart Maker Michael Tunney wants the things we carry each day to work better for us, and he started with keys.

Unlike some traditional key chains, his slim key organizers fit neatly and comfortably in your pocket without any bulk or jangling. It’s super simple to swap keys in and out, and one can be expanded to hold up to 10 keys. KeySmart has evolved over the years to include commuter accessories that dial up function without taking up more space, like tech organizers, a wallet, and a backpack. Looking to avoid touching surfaces when you’re out and about? The CleanKey™ does the
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