Jungle Jumparoo

Indoor-Outdoor Jungle Gym

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Loads of fun

11/12/2017 by Mary

Bought this to have at my house when the grandkids come to visit. It is a a lot of fun and gets rid of that extra energy.


Love the Jumparoo

10/8/2016 by Julie

We have a small preschool and the children absolutely love it! Can't keep them off! Easy to assemble. Thanks!


Jungle Jumparoo

6/13/2016 by Teresa

My grandchildren son and daughter loves it a lot as
my two grandchild play jungle jumparoo almost everyday as they enjoy with them... Its worth it for them...
Mom Mom and Pop Pop



2/28/2016 by Amanda

My kids (8 and 4) love it! They've had it two months and still play on it everyday. Great investment and smaller and safer than a trampoline. Note: needs to be on flat surface.


Grand kids love it

1/27/2016 by Jewel ann

Just set this up indoors 3 days ago. 6 to 8 grand kids jumping on it at a time, 2 yrs old to 14.
t was easy to set up. came with tools needed to set up. One pole was a little scratched, but the rest were great.
as Grandma, I can jump about 5 mins and I am up to top aerobic heart rate. Good for building my arm mussels and I feel it in my thighs.
The two, 2yr. olds, kind of stayed back until the older kids got tired, then they got into climbing and jumping and walking around on it. Then every one together. I love that is a multi-kid activity.


It's wonderful

1/4/2016 by marty

It was a hit for our christmas spirit! All of us children enjoyed it together- along with grandma and grandpa bouncing around. Jungle Jumparoo is easy to assemble and sturdy too. This low pressure concept is easy to maintain and repair. My family have been aware of the uses of low pressure devices that included the Rolligon development my Father and family invented in 1950. Jungle Jumparoo is a safe excercise toy that all members of family can enjoy. We are very happy with this and would highly recomend this as a child development and growth tool!



12/26/2015 by Linda

Grandkids love it


Fun until it fails .. no warranty on inner tube

5/10/2016 by Derek & Diana

We have had the jungle jumparoo for less than 6 months now, Christmas present for the kids. It stayed indoors for over 4 months (rainy season) and was only recently brought outside (1 month). The weather is mild with cool/warm temps and the jumparoo receives only indirect sunlight. We follow all directions including those to ensure maximum lifespan of the inflated inner tube. Well, the inner tube burst and now we are left with a set of $300 colorful bars with 6 months left on its 1 year warranty. Of course, we are welcome to spend another $100 for a second inner tube, but then how often will we need to iterate through this process. Be wary, we are all very disappointed in the jumparoo.

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The Jungle Jumparoo Story

Jungle gym, meet trampoline.

Fun Kids' Fitness

The idea for the Jungle Jumparoo came from a farm. That’s where Founder Steve McMurtrey discovered a toy a farmer made by putting a kind of jungle gym inside a tire. It was the inspiration for Steve’s super-bouncy, super-fun indoor/outdoor kids’ jungle gym.

Jungle Jumparoo takes up less space than a trampoline and can be set up in your house or yard. It’s also much lower to the ground, making it safer and easier for small children to get on and off the high-impact inner tube. Strong steel poles—coated to be weather and rust-resistant—give children something to hold on to while they jump.

McMurtreys say 10 minutes of jumping has the same health benefits as 33 minutes of running. Not that kids will care. They’ll just think this kids’ jungle gym is amazing fun. Read More Read Less