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Continuing the Joy...

6/16/2017 by SC

My son brought the "Jungle Jumparoo" for his children. It is the prefect size for his yard. My grandchildren & their friends have had much joy using it. The rope swing was purchased a year after, the original "Jungle Jumperoo" was purchased. My grandchildren love it. I love listening to their laughter & giggles, as they use it.

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The Jungle Jumparoo Story

Jungle gym, meet trampoline.

Fun Kids' Fitness

The idea for the Jungle Jumparoo came from a farm. That’s where Founder Steve McMurtrey discovered a toy a farmer made by putting a kind of jungle gym inside a tire. It was the inspiration for Steve’s super-bouncy, super-fun indoor/outdoor kids’ jungle gym.

Jungle Jumparoo takes up less space than a trampoline and can be set up in your house or yard. It’s also much lower to the ground, making it safer and easier for small children to get on and off the high-impact inner tube. Strong steel poles—coated to be weather and rust-resistant—give children something to hold on to while they jump.

McMurtreys say 10 minutes of jumping has the same health benefits as 33 minutes of running. Not that kids will care. They’ll just think this kids’ jungle gym is amazing fun. Read More Read Less