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Great so far!

12/30/2019 by Robyn

I bought this to mark my father's clothing while he is in a nursing home. I have stamped everything and washed a few pieces since. The stamp stayed in!!! The device is easy to set up and use. It came with some white iron-on tape so I was able to mark darker fabrics. So much easier than trying to write his name on every piece of clothing.


Creative and Useful

6/25/2019 by Tara

Each of my kids got to personalize their camp stamp with not only their name, but their personality! What a great way to get the kids to help out labeling all that clothing for camp!



2/13/2019 by Mike

Great for when my grandson went to camp


Great Product!!!

7/25/2018 by Marie

This is a great thing since we have a very large family with lots of stuff. Wish you could sell the labeling tape separately. Or give reference as to where to purchase it. Lastly it would be great if the stamps and all accessories came in a larger font.


Works well

11/4/2017 by Marcia

Purchased to make my mother's clothing. She is in a memory care unit and the facility does her laundry. Set up of the print type was fairly easy and the print itself is clean and very legible. I like its versatility, too. Great product!



10/29/2017 by Bonnie

Works great on clothes


Great for ID'ing

3/8/2017 by ANNETTE

My mom is in a nursing home and everything has to have her name. This will make my life so much easier than having to wait for the nursing home staff to label things.


Happy Customer

12/5/2016 by Ternisha

Love the ink stamper, brought to label my grand mother clothes cause she's in a nursing home. Ink is nice and bold and good size lettering. Only gripe is that it takes a while to place the letters on the stamper, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. Happy with purchase.


Love this thing!

11/17/2016 by Emma

My girls are notorious for leaving their sweaters and hoodies anywhere and everywhere. It drives me crazy to have to replace really nice stuff! I bought cute iron-on tags last year but they started to peel off within a few months. This stamp is so much better. Though the letters are quite little*, they're still readable. To be honest, I mostly care that it's THERE so that it can always be identified as ours if need be in a "I think she's wearing my sweater" moment.

*it would be nice if they were a bit bigger for ease of reading


Very useful stamper!

10/21/2016 by Trina

This is a great stamp that is easily personalizable. I use this to label my son's clothes and other items so they don't get mixed in with other kids' belongings at day care. The ink has lasted even after putting my son's clothes in the wash. Really happy with this!

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The Minestamp Story

Minestamp - Customizable Clothing Labeler

A Great ID-er

When you were a kid, your mom may have sewn those custom clothing labels into shirts and bags for school or camp. Or, to save a little time, she may have used a laundry marker. Which means, ID-ing your things either took a lot of time, or didn't look very good.

Paco Navaez, a father of three, uses Minestamp, and not just because he came up with it. With Paco's invention, labeling anything from books to uniforms to backpacks is as simple as one press. The resulting ID stamp is clean and clearly legible, using wash-resistant textile ink.

Each Minestamp is yours to personalize, with a set of
letters and numbers included and a pair of tweezers to help you set them. With up to three lines of text, add name, address, and phone number or email. More than one child? Simply change the letters for different names. Or, you can save time and just pick up one Minestamp for each kid. Slide a photo or illustration inside the handle of each Minestamp as a fun way to keep them sorted.

This quick, simple way to label your kids' items looks and stays sharp. If only everything about kids were this easy. 
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