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Great for kids

4/28/2020 by Barbara

My 4 year old and 18 month old grandsons have been using this product. Their hands are cleaner than ever. They like washing their hands with the scrub bug when we come in from outside and it works great! Thank you!


Fantastic! I use it everyday!

4/28/2020 by Gillian

Ok. So I'm in my 40's going on 4, but it was so cute and I have to now change out my contacts everyday and my hands need to be very clean. I absolutely love it, and with the new 20 second rule it's a great way to make sure you will get even your fingernails squeaky clean. I'm ordering another one for my family friend's young daughters. I wish the other color was in stock so I could get each of them one. This is a really great product and fun!


For my grand daughter for V Day...

2/1/2020 by Wanda

Im sure she’ll love it...


Fast cleaning!

11/2/2019 by Holly

My son hates taking any time out of his day to bathe, but this little thing has really helped streamline his process and I can feel certain that every part of his body has had a thorough cleaning from the soft part to his face and body to using the bristles under he is nails and scrub shampoo into his hair.
It’s a win for him because if helps him save time
And a win from me because there’s no longer any whining. It just gets done.



6/26/2019 by Grammyof4

Great way to little ones to scrub under their finger nails.


Makes washing hands fun

4/6/2019 by Vera

Not only does it make washing hands more fun but it cleans them better too



3/18/2019 by kathy

Love these scrub bugs, but my grandchildren want to know....What kind of bug is it? I tell them a scrub bug and they reply yeah but what kind of bug is it. So cute! Great product.



3/18/2019 by kathy

Absolutely love these scrub bugs! Bought 2 for my grandchildren. They love the colors! They fit little hands perfect! Very creative. I'm sure I will be ordering more! Thank you Grommet!



2/13/2019 by Mike

Grandkids love them


Super cute

1/9/2019 by Celeste

This cute little bug will help my grandsons wash their hands and keep the "bugs" away! They loved it!

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