Placemat Lunch Bag - Large 20" Case of 6

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Lasts a Long Time and Easy to Use

9/18/2019 by Sharon

I bought this for my granddaughter and she used it for 3 years. I loved the fact that she could open her lunch bag and have it open to a flat placemat. The bag is large enough for a good-sized lunch, and it's easy to clean.


Great fun to use.

6/26/2019 by Susan

Well made bag. Plenty of room for lunches.


great lunch bag

4/16/2019 by ANA

I purchased one to see how it works. Well, my son loves it. It is surprising how much fits into it. It is very well made. The zippers are sturdy and I really like the tags that are on the bottom of the zippers. This helps in zipping up the bag. I like the material that it is made of. I like that it is also a mat to place lunch food on. I will be purchasing two more.


Love it!

2/24/2019 by Robin

I was impressed with the quality of this lunch bag. It’s neoprene with zippers and tabs to pull the zippers closed. I wish it was a tad larger but that’s just because I take breakfast & lunch each day. A coworker loved it and plans to order one also.



7/26/2018 by Steven

I got these for me wife and I. They are are go to lunch bags. They are wonderful.



7/5/2017 by Nicki

I love this lunchbox! I work in a biological lab, so sometimes my desk space is maybe a little iffy on the sanitation side (maybe I'm just paranoid). I also absolutely love that it is machine washable. The only, very minor, point of contention I would have is that sometimes what I want to pack does not quite fit.


Placemat lunch box

12/20/2016 by LobodeRio

Functional and professional looking. Durable and well made. Useful to those who barely have time to eat w desk full of files and paper...


Best product ever!

10/18/2016 by Becky

I am a germaphobe and these lunch boxes are amazing. This is our second school year with them and they show no wear at all. I wash them 3-4 times/month - except during the summer when they are not in use. They stand up great with all the washing and lugging back and forth to school. I recommend these to anyone who will listen.



10/10/2016 by Megan

Bought these for my children, 5 and 13 to use during the school year. They both love theirs. Because their lunch tables are crowded, they only open one flap and it works out great. They are flexible so they can cram them into their backpacks, therefore sandwich bags won't cut it. We use stainless food containers and nothing has been smashed yet. Lastly, they are easy to keep clean.


Wonderful, Amazing

8/31/2016 by Jean

This is well worth the money for my grandchild. Even though he is handicapped and has trouble opening it, his aid does it for him. He is able to keep all of his food on the mat. This matters to me.
Thanks again for a wonderful and useful lunch bag.
jean smith

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The Solvetta Story

Solvetta - Placemat Lunch Bag

Lunch Pad

Solvetta is a “flat box lunch box”— just unzip and it transforms into a placemat. It’s an easy, fun-looking way to contain mess and keep foods off unclean surfaces. If you have kids, you understand the importance of both.

Founder Rita Floyd-Vester is a teacher and mom who witnessed how fast sickness spreads in school. She went looking for which areas were the main germ-laden culprits. Turns out, it’s cafeteria tables. They’re even germier than doorknobs and water fountains, a result of kids putting backpacks, books, and lunch boxes from the ground and floor onto the table.

Rita invented the
Solvetta Flatbox to carry a clean eating surface along with you. Made of soft, durable neoprene, it will stand up to repeated washings. And it's not just for school. One look at your office lunchroom will probably tell you Solvetta's Flatbox is also great for work, as well as picnics, beaches, boats, and barbecues. Read More Read Less