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7/26/2018 by Molly

Keeps SO many crumbs off my floor. Easy to clean. Relatively transportable but we just leave it on the table at home.


Fabulous eat/play/create mat

12/28/2017 by Sheryl

The Grommet is my "go to" place for ANYTHING unique yet truly gift worthy. There is something for everyone. The Cibo mat is a must for any child. Whether it's for eating at the table or just coloring and creating. It's all washable and durable silicone. Sticks nicely anywhere you lay it on. Simple to clean, wash it, rinse it whatever. Comes in a great variety of colors and an adorable design that is fun for kids. It doesn't slip and has a great little tray that captures food, crayons, debris, anything your little ones make a mess with. I wish they had these when I had kids. I get them for my grandchildren. Light and easy to travel with. Good bang for your buck. Any child under 8 needs a Cibo.


Kids and Moms Love Them

12/6/2016 by C. Sam

Purchased for great granddaughters and the moms really like them every bit as much as the kids. Worth every penny!



4/28/2016 by Anthony

Got this for my senile mother and it is the best thing ever, omg I was tired of getting on the floor to pick up everything, not no more! Thanks CIBO



4/23/2015 by Susan

True 2 the ad! Daughter loved it 4 her son, he did 2! thanks Grommet


Not just for kids!

4/18/2015 by Esther

I just want to say that this is best item I found that works. I don't have a child but I use it for my 90 year old mother. It works wonderful it keeps her food, crumbs and spill off the floor and into the mat pouch. She wipes everything to the punch after her meals. I put a place mat over the part that sticks to table. My only suggestion would be that you could make it in a dark color or clear without the eyes for seniors.



3/9/2015 by Carolyn

I gave this as a gift. I haven't spoken with the recepient yet to know how they like it. I am very impressed with the appearance.


Works like a charm

2/19/2015 by Linda

Got this for my grandson who is almost 2. It works like a charm. But his older sister, 8, wanted one too for her artwork. Got her one too. They are so happy.


The Cibo....

2/18/2015 by Nana

The "Cibo" is brilliant! Only wish it were around many years ago when I was raising my children! So, my great niece & great nephew, along with mom and dad, will have the benefit of this marvelous invention!

Thank you to The Grommet and bright minds as usual!


the cidokids placemat

2/16/2015 by Lydia

I bought 2 for my granddaughter! I kept one for her to use at my house and the other one for her house. She likes to use use it, she named it kitty and it really does work to catch food that would've otherwise drop on her or on chair or floor! I do highly recommend it. Great gift idea!

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The Cibo Story

The Cibo - Crumb-Catching Placemat

Anywhere Catcher

The Cibo is a portable placemat that doubles as a food catcher, and it’s the first invention from Amy Chandler, a California mom. Amy has two adorable kids, but they can be very messy eaters. At one point, she stopped making rice—her kids’ favorite—because she was tired of cleaning it off the floor.

Then Amy got an idea. What if something could catch the mess before it even got that far? Made of sticky silicone, The Cibo adheres to almost any table, with a pouch that hangs over the table’s edge. Crumbs and bits that would end up on laps and floors are gathered in one place.

Of course, kids’
messes aren’t limited to food. Thankfully, neither is The Cibo. Craft time gets more organized, as The Cibo eats up glitter, crayons, and paper bits. When it’s not busy catching crumbs, The Cibo also doubles as a portable storage solution, for school supplies, snacks, or anything. It’s dishwasher safe, too. Toss it in the top rack, and The Cibo is ready for the next challenge. Read More Read Less