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Panda + Giraffe Case of 6

4 Reviews (5 out of 5 Grommets)

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Very Cute!


Gave this to a friend and she said her kids love them.


Two hits!


These two went to my granddaughter (1+ years) for Christmas. She couldn't keep her hands off them; playing with them, re-configuring them, hugging them. They were real hits and will keep her affectionately busy for the rest of this year.


Love these!


I bought a set for my 4 and 8 year old and they love them! They have a ton of fun changing them around and making up names for the animal they created. Would recommend!


Mix n Match Stuffed Animals


These are adorable! My friends 3 yr old immediately understood the concept and made a long legged Panda.

Really soft and cuddly too.

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The Chimeras Story

Chimeras - Mix & Match Plush Animals

New breeds

With interchangeable arms, legs, and ears that encourage creativity and humor, Chimeras are a whole new species of stuffed animals. What if an elephant wanted to fly? No problem. Just attach a pair of bat wings and turn him into an Elebat. An owl needs to leap? Give him frog legs and he becomes an Og.

Chimeras are the first product from Walrus Toys, founded by duo Avik Maitra and Rich Moore. Their inaugural challenge was to create a stuffed animal that would get picked up again and again, not simply sit on a shelf.

They hit the mark with these quirky creatures, whose friendly faces alone will
make you smile. Beautifully--and smartly--packaged in pairs, Chimeras let kids start creating cuddly cross breeds right away. From there, it’s a funny, furry path to using their imagination. Read More Read Less