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Kwik Edge

Kwik Edge Starter Pack Case of 24

Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great tool!

7/17/2019 by Catherine

At first I found it difficult to use since our soil was so hard. Once I got the hang of it, it was great! Use it weekly to keep a sharp border around my trees and flower bed.


Great tool!

7/7/2019 by Walter

It works, well. Once you have established the edge the next times are a breeze. Thank you for this.


Handy Dandy Tool

7/1/2019 by Caroline

It took me a minute to get the hang of it, but now I love my edger. I bought one for my dad for Father's Day and he loves it too. This may be common sense, but you definitely need to have a defined edge already created; this tool is for maintenance only, not for defining a new edge. The only nitpicky complaint is the huge sticker it came with on the head of the tool. It's impossible to peel off, which drives me crazy. But I'll get over it! I highly recommend.


Gave as a gift to new homeowners

6/27/2019 by Janet

they are enthusiastic about what they are able to do with us


Love this!

6/27/2019 by Brenda

The home we purchased had a curved landscape front. This works beautifully to help keep those contours. My husband love it! Thanks for a great product!!!


This is fabulous

6/26/2019 by Laurie

I use this for a terrific all purpose garden tool.


What a great garden tool!

6/24/2019 by Michele

This is the best garden edger to maintain your perfect edge. Made with quality material, it's durable, easy to handle. I highly recommend this item.



6/24/2019 by William

Hands down, one of the greatest tools I own. Easy to use in much less time than using a shovel to define, or redefine your bed edges. The results are sharp well defined edges. LOVE IT!


Love it

6/23/2019 by Maria

I have so much grass in my flower beds that this has been a great help. I'd love to have one a little bigger but this still do the job


Qwik Edge tips

6/21/2019 by John

I asked for and got the tool as a Father’s Day gift . Just arrived and used for first time... well made and did a good job. Like other users said, best if used a day or so after rains when soil easier to cut through (than dry compacted dirt). After 20’ or so of edging you will feel the work out ... you are cutting through dirt after all. Another tip - resist urge to control from end of handle only. For me best results were holding tool like a hockey player set for a slap shot... left hand down shaft a foot or two above metal part in dirt, back and knees bent slightly and right hand near top of handle. Left hand pushes down into soil bed, right one pulling through. Recommending to others :)

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The Kwik Edge Story

Kwik Edge | Garden Edger

Clean Edges

Creating a garden edger was a natural fit for Maker Wilson Svedin. This avid gardener was often complimented on his beautiful landscaping, particularly the well-manicured edges. The secret to Wilson's success was an early prototype of what would evolve into Kwik Edge once he retired.

Kwik Edge works in three ways at once to fight invading grass. It's a simple but smart solution to taming garden bed edges, walkways, and other spots in the yard. Blades trim the grass and cut the roots, and a curved edge grooms the soil back into the bed, all in one quick, fluid motion. It also works well with
beds bordered by things like concrete or pavers. Who knew it could be so easy—and so satisfying—to spruce up your garden? Read More Read Less