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7/30/2019 by Liz

I was encouraged by all the reviews to purchase this tool. I am definitely not getting the clean edges that I'd hoped for. I regret the purchase since it adds another item to my garage that I will not use very often.


Not as robust as I expected

6/26/2019 by Wayne

Nice looking tool, but the border / edge you are working on had better be in pretty good shape to begin with. It really doesn't help with even slightly overgrown edges.


Well made. Might be good for grooming.

6/15/2019 by Eileen

I was really excited to try out this tool. Bought 2 of them so a friend could help. I needed to edge a labyrinth that had been cut into the lawn outside a church in PA. The soil is silty clay and the labyrinth had not been edged in a while. Unfortunately this tool, although sturdy and well made, just could not do the job. I actually had to switch tools and go to a flat head shovel and an edger. Again, this may be good for grooming but not for doing tough work. Gave it 2 grommets for being well made.


Brilliant edger

5/15/2019 by Debra

My only recommendation would be to have a lefty or a righty design. I am lefty and this is more for a righty.
I adjusted as I have had too my whole life.


Did not work as claimed

5/4/2020 by Ruthann V

I really wanted this to work, but for me and my soil, it does not work properly and drags, causing strain on my back. I usually am on my hands and knees to get my perfect edging and back to the hands and knees it has been.
Our yard holds a lot of water and does not dry out between our rainy springtime. Perhaps if my soil was dryer, it would work better.


Buy something else

4/11/2020 by tom

Disappointed needs a sharper blade



11/2/2019 by Beth

Blade is not sharp enough to cut through my lawn. Might work for already established borders but is not effective in creating new borders and edging. Was a waste of money for me as I will not be using this.


hasn't worked yet

11/1/2019 by Mae

This has not worked as expected. However I want to give it another try next spring


Never use this

6/26/2019 by Len

Unfortunately this tool is too heavy and causes me to bend my back. It is in my garage unused but shipping for the return was too expensive.


Not sharp

6/26/2019 by Dansy

Enough to cut through anything and the blade wasn't as long as advertised. Very disappointed.

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The Kwik Edge Story

Kwik Edge | Garden Edger

Garden Groomers

Creating garden tools was a natural fit for Kwik Edge Maker Wilson Svedin. This avid gardener was often complimented on his beautiful landscaping, particularly the well-manicured edges.

The secret to Wilson's success was an early prototype of what would evolve into the edging tool once he retired. It works in three ways at once to fight invading grass. It's a simple but smart solution to taming garden bed edges, walkways, and other spots in the yard. Blades trim the grass and cut the roots, and a curved edge grooms the soil back into the bed, all in one quick, fluid motion. For crowded beds
and in planters, Wilson’s hand tools work like a traditional hoe, but with more precision and control. Use the Mini or the smaller Buddy to cultivate flower beds, prep seed rows, and weed. Who knew it could be so easy—and so satisfying—to spruce up your garden Read More Read Less