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Sport Eye Glass Holder Case of 12

Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)

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10/16/2018 by Deborah

This is ok, but rigid. Although it is better for keeping your glasses from getting the frame bent or crooked which happens with the chain and 2 loops. I wouldn’t buy it again and haven’t used it much.


Comfortable Neck Loop

8/11/2017 by Nichole

This is comfortable to wear and the right length. However, I found my glasses still falling off from being pushed up from below as I go about my business. I think these could be improved by making a horizontal piece that can snap on over the middle of the circle to make it harder for the glasses to be pushed out from below.



8/27/2016 by Diana

It does work.
Doesn't scratch my gold chains
BUT I wish it was 2 inches longer.
I had to remove my glasses so it goes over
My head.



8/10/2015 by Linda

This product is ok, but that's all. And it costs too much to just be ok. It doesn't always hang straight or lay flat, and it looks kind of cheap. But it works, so I'll keep it to use sometimes. But I wouldn't purchase it again.


Super helpful

7/22/2015 by Sarah

Since I use a wheelchair and don't like carrying a purse I thought this would be great. It is until I stand and it falls out. However when I'm walking it is great so a 3 is a good rating for me.


Eyeglass holder

6/16/2015 by Harry

This little rubber thing does what it says it will do: hold my glasses regardless. My glasses have not hit the floor or ground since the Loop arrived. It is a smart clever designed device.



6/15/2015 by Heidi

The part that goes around the neck is feels itchy, scratchy, pokey, how ever you would describe it. Needless to say it was not comfortable to wear. looking at the picture I thought it was a plastic material throughout. I would of been happy with product if it wasn't for the lanyard material. I returned product.


Glasses fall out easily

6/15/2015 by Cyndi

The glasses kept falling out of the holder every time I bent over. They did not stay securely in the loop as described. However, if I inserted them with the stems on the outside and the glass part against my body, they stayed in better.



5/16/2015 by Cindy

It wasn't quite long enough


Okay product

12/22/2014 by Cynthia

The LaLOOP worked well for me, but not for my husband, so now I have two!!! I'll continue to use mine and like it; however, for the price, you might want to do more extensive comparison shopping. I'm going to have to use mine for a while before I would recommend it to another.

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The La LOOP Story

La LOOP - Eyeglass Holder

In The Loop

How often do you fish around in your purse for your eyeglasses, ransack your bedroom for your reading glasses, or retrace your steps to find misplaced sunglasses? If you've ever been tempted by old-school eyeglass chains but couldn't get past the dated style, this Grommet's for you.

La LOOP is a chic version of traditional eyeglass lanyards. The styles are fresh and modern, but that's just part of the appeal. Elizabeth Faraut puts as much energy into the engineering of her eyewear necklaces as she does the aesthetics. The loop that holds your glasses is supported by hinges which swivel 360
degrees. The patented hinged design keeps glasses lying flat, so they won’t twist or fall off even when you run, jump or dance.

We all try to choose eyewear that’s stylish and reflects our personalities. With La LOOP’s fashion-forward designs, you can safeguard your specs with a smart holder that’s equally expressive. Make a fashion statement with La LOOP—and put an end to the dreaded “where did I leave my glasses?” hunt.
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