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I love LaLoop

2/26/2014 by Mary

Works with most eyeglasses. The only pair that it didn't hold was a very lightweight pair, but I really didn't expect it to hold. I am very happy and it beats the 'chain' that you attach to the glasses. It's really a cool and funky way of holding keeping your classes close at hand. I purchased the black LaLoop, but intend to buy different colors.



2/15/2014 by Barbara

If the snow doesn't stop me, I plan on using my Loop tomorrow in the grocery store so I can read my shopping list I might even buy a couple of more in other colors if it works as well as I think it will.



2/9/2014 by Martha

I really like this product...modern- looking and convenient to use.


The loop

12/29/2013 by soledad

I m really happy, Simple and "chic" I live in Montreal , the sheeping was very expensive, 35$ , next time I will think twice


Very helpful

12/28/2013 by Donna

I bought these for my mom who only wears her glasses at certain times. She lays them down and forgets where they are. Now she knows where they are - on her LaLoop.


Love It!!

12/23/2013 by Stacey

La Loop really works!! I was constantly dropping my glasses because I was sticking them in the top of my shirt or even using a similar product that I bought somewhere else...nothing worked! With La Loop, I always know where my glasses are and they never fall off!! La love it!!!!



12/21/2013 by Susan

I am forever taking off one pair of glasses for another. Believe me when I say I thought I'd tried everything & there were just those too often occasions when I'd lose a pair !!!!!!!!!!
This little gadget finally show me that's not true. Can't say how it works ,but it does. I am thrilled. Look at it this way-it's paid for itself the 1st time you're able to keep your glasses!



12/14/2013 by Shelley

JUST GREAT! Finally a holder that isn't old lady like and affordable!



12/6/2013 by Sandra

Love this item. Never to lose glasses again!


Love It

12/6/2013 by Sheron

So much easier and convenient than old style holders. I'm an avid photographer who wears glasses, LaLoop does a great job of keeping my glasses handy and safe as remove them often.

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The La LOOP Story

La LOOP - Eyeglass Holder

In The Loop

How often do you fish around in your purse for your eyeglasses, ransack your bedroom for your reading glasses, or retrace your steps to find misplaced sunglasses? If you've ever been tempted by old-school eyeglass chains but couldn't get past the dated style, this Grommet's for you.

La LOOP is a chic version of traditional eyeglass lanyards. The styles are fresh and modern, but that's just part of the appeal. Elizabeth Faraut puts as much energy into the engineering of her eyewear necklaces as she does the aesthetics. The loop that holds your glasses is supported by hinges which swivel 360
degrees. The patented hinged design keeps glasses lying flat, so they won’t twist or fall off even when you run, jump or dance.

We all try to choose eyewear that’s stylish and reflects our personalities. With La LOOP’s fashion-forward designs, you can safeguard your specs with a smart holder that’s equally expressive. Make a fashion statement with La LOOP—and put an end to the dreaded “where did I leave my glasses?” hunt.
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