Kid's No Tie Shoelaces

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Makes the mornings easier

6/27/2019 by Heather

We switched one of my 9 year old son's shoes over to these; easy to thread through. Saves time in the morning, and now I don't have to remind him multiple times a day to re-tie his shoes. Will be buying another pair.


Hassle Free

5/29/2019 by Sherry

My grand-kids and their moms love these shoe strings for the younger child that cannot tie their own shoes yet. Hassle free.



4/27/2019 by Regina

Bought for my youngest grandson. He hates to tie his

shoes. These work for him perfect. He likes them.


Eliminates shoelace problems

2/13/2019 by Nancy

The children's laces constantly came untied or were in a knot. Laceez eliminated these issues.


Cute and simple!

10/18/2018 by Sara

Love these, they work great. I wear a women's size 9 and they work fine on my sneakers.


From a thankful momma!

6/9/2018 by Courtney

I have a very active 5 year old girl and super busy 8 year old boy who both have to wear tennis shoes everyday to school per their dress code. Although my 5 year old is learning to tie her shoes, and I double knot those babies every day- inevitably she would get off the bus with 2 untied shoes! AND if there ever was some miraculous occurrence that the double knot stayed- it would be the day they had to take off their shoes and then of course she couldn’t get them untied


Thank you!

4/23/2018 by Alicia

My oldest son and I have struggled with learning how to tie his shoes and this has been a great alternative until we get it right. These no tie shoe laces allow us to get out the door in the morning without frustration. Thank you for making these.


Gift for Great Granddaughter

3/3/2018 by Jimmy

My Great Granddaughter loves the shoelaces.


easy for kids

12/2/2017 by Debra

My granddaughter hates it when her shoes come untied while at school. We got tired of buying her shoes with velcro closures so were excited to see these. We put them in some leather keds and she wears them all the time. She loves them and they are not too tight but when she plays at recess her shoes stay on and no worrying about them coming untied. Bought her an additional pair for the next shoes we buy.


Big hit with grandchildren and their parents

11/4/2017 by HK

My grandchildren and their parents remove their shoes immediately upon entering their home. This, along with busy schedules, calls for frequent shoe activity. Creating "slippers" from athletic shoes saves minutes and impatience several times a day. Laceez are terrific!

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The Laceez Story

The trick for faster shoelace tying.

A Shoe-In

Swap in no tie shoe laces to transform any pair of laced shoes into pull-ons. Made with a stretchy Lycra and nylon blend, Laceez act and look like laces, but with a smooth finish—and no sloppy knots or dangling laces.

The idea for Laceez began with Jason and Sarah Flores trying to get three kids out the door in the morning. Tying all those little shoes was a hassle, so they created an alternative that works for just about anybody—frustrated parents like them, folks with dexterity issues, or people who just want an easier way to pull on their shoes (while still looking polished.)

We’re all
about things that make life easier. And Laceez make putting on shoes a breeze—while keeping the look streamlined and neat. Read More Read Less